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Fire in the Amazon

August 29, 2019

I’m joined by Vice President of the National Wildlife Federation, Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali. We discuss the Amazon Rainforest fires, including what caused them, why it’s taking so long to put them out, and how they are related to climate change.

The website for the National Wildlife Federation is and their Twitter handle is @NWF. Dr. Ali’s handle is @EJinAction.

Also, please check out the website that Dr. Ali mentions during the broadcast, The site aims to showcase how supply chain initiatives are supporting effective solutions for verified zero deforestation beef, leather, and tallow production in the Brazilian Amazon. The site also highlights ways for supply chain actors to support continuous improvement and ensure that cattle products sourced from this region do not contribute to the loss of tropical forests.

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Which is Worse? Biden’s Gaffes or Trump’s Racism?

August 26, 2019

How Trump Will Ruin the Economy for the Next Decade

August 15, 2019

During this hour, I break down just how damaging the Trump administration’s decisions have been for the world economy.

Trade wars, tariffs, and the fallacy of the ‘America First’ philosophy will result in a painful recession by 2020.

I lay the foundation for my argument by highlighting the boom and bust cycle of America’s history before and after the Federal Reserve Act.

I explain where both Democratic and Republican administrations go wrong in their economic policy decisions, and how spending during low unemployment will always lead to high deficits and recessions.

Also, you can watch this episode here on Facebook Live.

The Pandemic of Gun Violence

August 15, 2019

During today’s episode, I outline how gun violence has transformed from an epidemic to a pandemic here in America. This includes America losing over 40,000 every year to gun violence. That’s an American killed by a gun every 15 minutes.

In the spirit of the Frederick Douglass quote, “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs,” we now need to act in order to reduce gun violence. I explain how in the second part of today’s episode.

You can also watch this episode here on Facebook Live.

Biden v. Trump on FOX

August 9, 2019

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