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Above the Law?

February 15, 2004

The Arrogance of Our One-Party Government
Justice Scalia goes duck hunting with Dick Cheney alone for hours, after taking a private jet supplied by an oil company that wants government favors. Scalia will return the favor this spring by ruling in Cheney’s favor, allowing Cheney to hide from the public the details of how oil companies and their lobbyists stacked Cheney’s Energy Commission. Scalia is a powerful man. He never has to recuse himself. After all, he ruled in 2000 that he and four friends get to choose who is President of the United States and the American People have no say in the matter.

Republican staffers in the Senate — too young apparently to have heard of Watergate — see no problem hacking into Democrats’ computers and stealing thousands of documents.
The White House commits treason with abandon, disclosing the name of CIA Agent and risking American lives for the sole purpose of embarrassing a man who dared to point out that Bush knew he was lying to us about weapons of mass destruction.
Majority Leader Tom Delay refuses to let bills supported by 90% of Congress get a vote unless he says so.
Other Republicans in the leadership bribe Congressman Nick Smith promising his son $100,000 if Smith changes his vote.
Republican state officials in Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Florida gerrymander their states to ensure that Republicans get far more House seats than the voters want. Right-wing judges accept the Republican gerrymanders but deny Democrats in Georgia and Mississippi the right to do the same.
CIA Director George Tenet has the full confidence of the President. The CIA did nothing wrong. Neither did the President. Even though we went into war based on their disinformation, they are never wrong. They weren’t wrong about 9/11 either. 3,000 Americans had to die. It was unpreventable. And even if it was preventable, the American People have no right to know how the attacks could have been prevented. It is none of their business.
The security of Baghdad is more important than the security of St. Louis.
Jobs in India are more important than jobs in Ohio.
George W. Bush leaped over 100,000 of his fellow citizens to get in the National Guard on the day he applied, despite scoring the same on a pilot aptitude test as a monkey would by randomly filling out the ovals: 25 out of 100 on a four-answer-per-question multiple choice test. Yet, unlike everyone else in the Texas National Guard, Bush becomes an officer without officer training, medical training, or serving in active duty. And then, when Bush does not want to take a random drug test, he doesn’t have to: he just walks out, stops flying, and violates his orders to return, throwing away $750,000 of taxpayer-funded training.
Ever get the feeling that the rules just don’t apply to these people?
There are few checks or balances in the non-elected one-party government that rules us all. And yes, it’s even worse than you think.
You’ll find out this week on THE INSIDE SCOOP.

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