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After Bush, the Deluge!

September 4, 2005

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Even the very conservative Chicago Tribune points the finger squarely at Bush’s mismanagement of FEMA as the reason so many people suffered
Katrina is not a natural disaster. It is a man-made one. And the man who made it is our current President of the United States and his vicious “help-only-the-rich-campaign-donors” so-called Republican Party.
Bush and his party have consistently decided that sending Americans to fight and die in Iraq was more important than protecting American lives at home.
And now the City of New Orleans lies underwater and practically obliterated. All because Bush refused $300 million — or about $1 per American citizen — to protect the city from the disaster everyone knew was coming. And now the cost of this “error” will likely be at least 50 times that amount: $15 billion or more, not to mention the lives lost and irreparably destroyed.
Hey, Bush-loving rich people! Aren’t you glad you got that tax cut? Or would you have given one dollar of that cut to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, and billions in lost property damage? When will we learn that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? (We haven’t learned it in health care. And just wait until we get the bill for the National Debt.)
Two questions for the New Orleans Republican Party: Do you still hate the Government? Why hasn’t your corporate private enterprise filled the holes in those levees? Oh wait, I remember. The corporations are doing their share by filling the flood waters with toxic waste….
New Orleans wasn’t the only danger waiting to happen. We have nuclear and chemical plants underdefended too while we fight, supposedly for the people who don’t want us there in Iraq.
I’m filled with 1 part desperation, 2 parts intense sadness, and 3 parts rage.
Let’s discuss this week how Republicans caused the Deluge of New Orleans and whether America will finally, finally see that New Orleans is more important than Baghdad and that Government aid should be directed first at saving lives than building a bridge to an Alaskan island where 50 Republican campaign donors live. $300 million to repair the New Orleans levee? Or $213 million for Don Young’s Way? You decide.
Is it any coincidence that the victims of New Orleans are disproportionately poor and black?
And to think that Louisiana voted for George Bush. WAKE UP!

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  • If it quacks like a neocon September 9, 2005 11:08 am

    Something tells me That Mark does not intend to waste much of his time on our latest neo-con persona, planted, here to try to sell us their Karl Rove BS. Good man, Mark. There will be more but you can now see them comming.

  • The Donald Duck--you're fired! September 9, 2005 10:27 am

    Donald Duck–quack at the facade of playing politics with disaster in New York to folly in Iraq and folly most everywhere this administration sticks its fingers (It certainly didn’t have enough sense to keep a monetary finger in the dyke in New Orleans–while siphoning
    funds to foreign wars)
    Little minds like these are traitors in time of the big picture of a larger, economic war of attrition–that the scope of their imagination can’t comprehend
    You, and they, are putty in the clandestine plans of Al-Qaeda and the nebulous Islamo-Fascist enemies they have created by striking out mindlessly and militarily–thinking vendetta war is some politically expediant photo-op and not some self-defeating, insidious economic and soul-betraying drain on the Spirit of America