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Anna Nicole Smith: Republican Moral Beacon

February 13, 2007

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Guest: Republican Strategist Phil Griffin

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  • Politically correct May 20, 2007 9:22 am

    Conscience–I try to forgive myself everyday–but your grudge is your problem and something you have to correct within yourself
    Only in correcting our hearts–can the meaning of the word “nigger” transcend its horrible history–and hiding it in the closet certainly hasn’t cured anything–as people cling to their hate as if it was something precious
    And maybe the word “war” will assume the disgust it properly deserves
    As for penis envy–you certainly are fishing–I’ve already got one–and it always seemingly gets me in trouble–it keeps peeking into places angels fear to tread–and any justification for pretense I might have–I will certainly stare into the mirror and your fucking eyes
    There is a black iron memorial to Joe Louis in Detroit–it is a big black fist–I’m waiting for the day when two fingers of that fist will sprout out–into a peace sign–and that will be as easy or as difficult as people will make it be