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September 20, 2004

(archived broadcast )
The interesting part of the 60 Minutes examination of Bush’s National Guard record is not the probable forgery (which, by the way, may well turn out to be a classic Karl Rove dirty trick).
The interesting thing is that the facts underlying the likely forged documents are all true.

As first reported on THE INSIDE SCOOP back in early February 2004, there are undisputed orders that George W. Bush refused to obey: among others, this one from Alabama: Order for Bush to Report in Alabama . And, of course, Killian’s secretary has confirmed that the forged documents did, in fact, exist at one time. We will be playing excerpts from that interview on THE INSIDE SCOOP today.
This hour we explore why Bush’s past matters — both in the National Guard (his use of favoritism to get privileges that few others received and disobey orders that everyone else had to follow) — and his frequent use of cocaine.
It’s all part of the Two Americas Bush firmly believes in. In His America, he doesn’t have to follow the rules that he sets for everyone else in Your America.
To follow along, you may wish to review the three articles published on this subject more than seven months ago.
See Was Bush AWOL from the National Guard During Vietnam? The Complete Documented Report
See Why Did Bush Quit Flying
See Bush’s Concealed Cocaine Charge?

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  • Skip September 22, 2004 6:22 pm

    Fred D.,
    Replace your “good muslim” with “multinational corporations” and you will be right on.

  • Gordon September 21, 2004 4:00 pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong–but wasn’t the Bush administration response to the latest hostage standoff that the U.S. wasn’t holding female Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib? So what’s true–do we need another freakin’ I.G. inspection to pull teeth to get the truth on this issue, too?
    How many heads have to literally roll until we pursue and get these answers?

  • Fred Dawes September 21, 2004 2:00 pm

    AWOL, You say, But who cares? lets get right down to it, this thing is only about keeping people from the real issue we are not talking about.
    But keep sleeping and you will become a good muslim and your children will also become good third world people and will live to be 30 or 40 years old, so be happy and say nothing, Your Government Loves you to death.

  • Rex September 20, 2004 10:48 pm

    Great speech President Kerry!!You are a C-in-C that I could follow up any river in Vietnam or any street of Baghdad! Under your command, I know that none of America’s sons and daughters will ever give their lives in vain.

  • Rex September 20, 2004 10:25 pm

    Perhaps I’m just a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I believe we’re grossly under-estimating the republican powers-that-be. Take for example the carrots-on-sticks that they’ve been holding out to the right wingers for the last few years. Even though they control every branch of the government, we still have abortion and gay rights. Why? Isn’t this something they profess to despise? They haven’t done anything about it because they don’t want to! My reasoning is this. The only part of abortion law that has been changed is partial birth abortion and this has been over-turned as being unconstitutional by three federal judges. WHY? Because they knew it would be, because any moron on capitol hill knows that you have to take into account the health and safety of the mother and they purposely left it out. They don’t want unwanted babies being born to further stress welfare that they are continually slashing. Gay rights?Amendment against gay marriage? More bullshit!! They know very well that such an amendment is impossible because a constitutional amendment requires two thirds vote of the congress AND two thirds vote of the state governors and that will never happen!It’s all under-handed deceitful republican politics! Getting to the point of this blog, I can’t believe the Dems are stupid enough to muddy the waters with obviously forged documents about George’s stint in the A.N.G. But I sure wouldn’t put it past the Pubes in the current administration! Dan Rather should FULLY investigate exactly where these documents originated. The whole thing sounds entirely Rovian to me. The Pubes aren’t stupid. (Excepting George, of course!)We under-estimate them at our own peril.