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BISEXUALITY – The Inside Scoop

February 24, 2005

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Historical figures like Alfred Kinsey, Alexander the Great, and Abraham Lincoln are being looked at in a new light. Straight? Gay? Somewhere in between?
Bisexuals are just now coming out in America. And they’re making many men and women nervous. Why are bisexuals often seen as “traitors” to both straights and gays? Is it perhaps because bisexuals don’t fit easily into the little clear boxes that people like to use to label others?
Is bisexuality just a “phase” on the path from straight to gay? Just closeted gay people? African-Americans on the “Down Low”? How about Jim McGreevey? Jeff Gannon? Is there any fundamental difference between bisexual men and bisexual women? Are we all at least a bit bisexual? Or is that notion a threat to male and female “bonding”, even in powerful institutions like Yale’s Skull and Bones?
Do bisexuals disrupt the notion that sexual orientation is not a choice? After all, for them, it IS a choice. Isn’t it?
And what does bisexuality say about monogamy? Many of us understand when a marriage breaks up because one person is closeted gay, but would it make a difference if the person is an even more closeted bisexual?
What are the politics of bisexuality? How does it affect our understanding of gay rights and same-sex marriage?
Guest: John Craig, MSW, a clinical social worker who counsels men and women coming to grips with their bisexuality.

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  • Jack Rabbit March 1, 2005 11:05 am

    I approach their forms at the appointed time,
    dancing witches in the firelight,
    naked to God,
    so beautiful,
    chanting beckoning praise.
    I am lured closer
    but spy from a distance,
    sensing their sex’s sanctity
    and that I am the moment’s taboo.
    Wise women all.
    in sensuous motion so free,
    moving molecules,
    revitalizing life’s energy,
    I am seduced to join them;
    but certainly
    my appendage precludes me
    from the sensitivity of feminine wiles.
    This communion is for sisters
    and only an intruder can I be,
    or a nearby viewer
    with heart immersed in sympathy.

  • Jack Rabbit February 27, 2005 9:33 am

    Velveteen–I am at least that, but certainly not encapsulated by that term–visualization is a mechanism in my sexual process–but not an end in itself–tactile, tantric expression and spiritual communion are elements of my sexuality as well as promiscuous urges that kindle the imagination and cater to svadhistana

  • Velveteen February 27, 2005 8:15 am

    So, J.R. – Are you a Voyeur?

  • Jack Rabbit February 26, 2005 10:59 am

    Alexander–who said I was straight–perhaps quasisexual is my evolving androgyny–but lesbians are still hot–hot–hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dance Party
    Pierced with arrows,
    bleeding warm, red passion
    that transcends the mores of traditional romance,
    svadhistana is lured by the witches’ wiles.
    Their beauty beckons in undulating dance,
    kindling urges in the fire-light,
    offered to the altar
    and shared unselfishly.
    A songstress fills the air with Sirens’ screams,
    teasing taunts, seducing,
    choreographing the senses,
    succumbing the physical to be a willing toy
    in the mix of the menagerie,
    contained still,
    within the aura of Eros’ integrity.
    Minds and souls in sensuality’s swaying,
    rejoicing the now,
    loving each other in Jesus’ name,
    for heaven’s sake.