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October 19, 2008

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With the election coming up, you can’t afford to miss THE INSIDE SCOOP.

Republicans Think You’re Stupid

September 8, 2008

And, sadly, they’re probably right.
Not about you who have The Inside Scoop, but about most Americans.

Democrats have run a positive campaign, giving detailed proposals about the need for change in this country, which 80% of Americans think is going in the wrong direction.

Republicans, the party of the Government, the people who gave us the corruption, lawlessness, and lies that is causing our economic mess, massive deficits, perpetual war, cronyism, incompetence, and addiction to oil have a plan to give you more of the same.

Republicans know they can’t run on their plan which devastates America, forcing a real decline in our country’s well-being and standing in the world for the first time since….well, for the first time really ever, so they instead have an empty convention, where they don’t tell you that they want “four more years.” Instead, they bleat “change” without telling you what they’d change. (Hint: they won’t change anything.)

And they go negative. Of course, they go negative. That’s what Republicans do. Republicans know America contains many racists just itching for a reason to vote against Obama. They cynically nominate the biggest porker/earmarker in America as a “reformer”; a politician who is well known for croneyism, incompetence, and using the Government to force religious fundamentalism down the throat of unbelievers; they hide her from the press; and they give her a Bush White House written speech full of sneer and invective and lies about Obama.

And Americans eat it up. Racists, who were looking for an excuse, have found one.

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