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Bulls and Bears

June 19, 2010

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  • Ron July 23, 2010 12:49 pm


    You have the chance to push these guys right out their positions about Government involvement.

    You have them stating they want Government to Drug Test all who receive unemployment payments. That is a huge increase of government and of government debt. It is a huge increase of payments going to corporations and not the unemployed.

    You also have the panel saying they want the government out of their businesses, as in “no regulations of business”, yet they want the government to regulate the lives of the all American Citizens!

    So they stand for Government control of every American’s daily private lives yet get the government out of the lives of the businesses.

  • Mark June 29, 2010 11:50 am

    Re the rare removal of posts:

    Dear Mike Bowie,

    You have now posted “Every member of the Council on Foreign Relations is a traitor to our nation” to 11 separate entries on this blog.

    You have the right to post your opinion freely on this blog, which is why I have left intact and unedited your comment above. However, when you post identical commentary to 11 entries — including on topics wholly unrelated to your point — I’m left to conclude that is more in the nature of spam than commentary.

    Although I’m loath to remove any commentary whatsoever on this blog, I have chosen regretfully to remove your 11 identical statements on 11 separate entries for the reasons I’ve stated above.

    I hope you feel free to keep posting your views here. And as long as they are even arguably on topic and not identical to or repetitive of prior comments, they will be left up and unedited.


    Mark Levine

  • Mike Bowie June 28, 2010 1:51 pm

    In 1966 The Council on Foreign Relations (so-called), held a secret confab at Iron Mountain near West Point. Realizing that wars divide people, why not come up with a substitute for war which would “unite” the planet and make the effort for global government far easier. The report leaked, the Council tried disavow, but the substitute was the environment. There is NO “global warming” occuring. This is a scheme being used to further “reduce” our nation as Brezhinsky and Kissinger called for. Taxation, and regulations being developed for “climate change” are designed to cripple us both economically and constitutionally with a goal to force us to submit to a global blueprint. That a cabinet position exists to deal with “climate change” is a test of how stupid and gullible the public is. Four years I met a guy who was convinced his yard would be under water in four years. His town is 60 feet above sea level.

  • Alan June 25, 2010 12:23 pm

    Robt to use a Markism You are wrong on so many levels.
    Lets go first with the “Green” jobs. Marks right we need to no longer subsidize the oil industry, if we do. But to give the money to another private corp. is totally stupid, if they are so good and the technology is so great and earth saving, then they should have investors lined up to throw money at them. If their inventions are that great they will make billions from them. So will they give back all the money that they want from the taxpayers? Agreed some day we may have green energy as needed. But they don’t have anything now that is efficient, reliable or affordable. If they want Govt. help let it be in the form of loans, not just free gifts.

    Unions. After being a union for many years i havde seen first hand how the Union Heads can run a Co. into the ground. Point Ford Motor Co. Mahwah NJ Had the worst quailty of all the plants world wide. The CEO at that time came down and toldthe the employees they had 1 yr to get it together or they would close the plant. The Union Reps. told the members “Don’t pay any attention” we will not do any work other then what we do now and “They can’t afford to close us down. So they did nothing different and 1 yr later Ford closed the doors and fired about 5000 people not to mention all they support jobs in the area and all over the country. Yup I saw it first hand. The Unions want to run the employer now the other way around. They want to tell them how much they should earn, what benefits they should have, and the hell with the cost let the company or State, or local Govt. figure out how to pay for it. And as much as Mark wants to blame the money problem on “Wall Street” the fact of the Union problem is that their demands and steady increase in demands is finally catching up to them. You have to increase either production, quailty,or something to make your product or service better the non union, to make it worth the extra. They spout well about UNION MADE, but the fact any more non union companies pay as well and most have as good benefits, but if some one doesn’t do their job they can be held accountable, Unions don’t want that they want protected jobs no matter what. Look at the teachers unions. If you have tenure you can be the worst teacher in the world and can not lose your job. Now that type of economy makes no sense at all.
    you and Mark seem to think if a company pay’s it’s CEO, COO etc a good wage they are bad, wrong,etc. Damn Rich people they must have cheated, robbed or did something illegal to become rich. Is that not your feeling? Thats the way your post reads. But who other then those who have money can create jobs or build companies? Small business owners lay out money in the hopes of one day becoming BIG business owners. They may not say it but they to hope to be “Well off” someday.
    Most Unions do not list in the phone book you have to look them up on line or some other way. They don’t want calls from anyone other then members of the locals. If you have a Locals number like 701, 690, 11 then you can look them up on line. Your 7% wants to control 100% of the labor force. So is that what you and Mark want to see.

    Maytag got no Govt. Bailout money they merged with Whirlpool. GE which is the sister to MSNBC got 140 billion from Obama, why lets see could it have anything to do with the fact that they are
    a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, which advocates cap and trade, or that they are one of the largest lobbist for that.

  • Robt June 24, 2010 5:08 pm

    5 aganst one, Mark ?
    And they still must interupt you?

    How can it be the union’s fault for state gudgetry short falling?

    Why is it not one of the Governors, Lt. Governors, State Treasurers, and their staffs haven’t taken any hits?

    I guess they didn’t see it coming either? Especially when states must run balanced budgets and they didn’t do any economic forcasting to assure maintaining such services on budget?

    One fellow spoke of free markets and how the unions drove themselves out of the market with high wages.
    What does the free market do for a corporation that is tanking or has been tanking under the CEO’s, board of Director, The board, and all its top executive? None of them lose their bonus, not one take a cut in salary or benefits.
    Take Tony Heyard of BP. He was move laterally in the company for much failure. BP answered his desire to “get his life back” and what does he do? Goes on a yachting race junket.
    Now that is the free market that makes sense to them. Oh, I’m sure they will resort to saying it is their money to do with as they please. Not so, business is a responsibility to its share holders and its employees. All empliyees, Top Exec to actual worker Bee.
    No one will want to invest in their copamy if they don’t show stability and much of that is displayed not just in performance but in its continuesd employment staus. If their are layoffs it makes share holders nervous that financial trouble is on the rise and the company’s stability becomes a question…

    Perhaps taxes on the wealthy should be raised to help. Meg Whitman who spent $80 million of her own money in a California primary to be the republican nomonee and is expected to spend at least $100 million of her own money in the general election for Governor in Calif for a Governoer job that will pay appx $160 thousand per year for four years.
    Do the math at the loss of personal wealth over what a governors job pays for four years?

    If wealth is so concentrated and costs continue to rise. For example the cost of a Governor election bid. Then it is by wealthy design that these Gov’t positions weed out the not so affluent that they cannot have any chance to governance in their so called democratic society.

    If a Meg Whitman can spend that kind of money she so called “earned honestly” and voted once in her life back in the 80’s and now wants to convince voters to “vote” for her when she couldn’t take the time to vote herself in life. This is a average example of who sets the pay scale and who buys the laws of this Gov’t.

    Does any of those TV talking heads beleive they are more important than the police or firefmen? You think it is more important to pay Rush Limbaugh millions for his radio rants and have companies support his views *theirs as well) verses having someone put out tyour house when it is on fire? Breaking up bank robbery while your in the bank?

    Their are priorituies in society.
    Corporate execs force working hardships and skit safety to continue their salaries and bonus.

    Aren’t they the ones that should be taking the decreases because they drove the company down?

    5 to 1. This is how scared they are of unions that are appx 7% of the labor force?

    Take a look in the phonebook sometime and look at all the listings for Chamber of Commerce and then look up listing of unions. A bit of an imbalance if you ask me. That doesn’t include the Business Asso or Asso of Manufactures, etc etc.

    But Mark, We aren’t here to talk about what you want or your view. We are here to talk and agtee with their view and opiniions.

    So Maytag takes financial bialout money to save their company and now decides to close down manufacturing in America and move offshore. But don’t be alarmed, they will ship their merchandise back to America to sell it to you.