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Bush is NO Fiscal Conservative

October 27, 2004

(archived broadcast )
My guests are Congressman Bobby Scott, Democrat of Virginia who serves on the House Budget Committee, and former Congressman Michael Forbes, Republican of New York, who served on the House Appropriations Committee.
President Bush has given us the highest budget deficit in American history, just four years after President Clinton gave us the highest budget surplus in American history.
If you’re a fiscal conservative, your choice is clear: John Kerry.
So says the Executive Editor of The American Conservative
ALSO, IF TIME PERMITS, Mark reports on the secret and illegal Republican plan to prevent Blacks from voting in Ohio and Florida. 68,000 Floridians have ALREADY lost their right to vote.
AND a comment on the World Series: how the arrogance of the Yankees was their downfall — and will be for George Bush as well. Go Red Sox and Kerry!

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  • 464 October 28, 2004 11:46 am

    Oh Ed, your vote of confidence makes me believe even more in a Kerry victory (What a motley crew of advocates you cited–do the Republicans really let Zell Miller out in public, these days, without heavy sedation? Is misspelling their names your disclaimer against slander–can you really read their minds and tell me they would vote enthusiastically for Bush? (I don’t even think Bush can do that–what, with all the guilt he seems to convey in his mannerisms)
    Is Bush suffering from Richard Nixon-syndrome, Ed?–better tell your candidate to quit acting so herky-jerky, he’s really blowin’ it.

  • Mark Levine October 28, 2004 11:09 am

    OK, I admit it.
    Just this once, on Halloween, I’m rooting against the home team.
    Go Packers!
    (But no predictions….as you can tell, I don’t believe in curses…;-D)

  • Ed from NJ October 28, 2004 9:16 am

    For the record Bush has reached out to moderates, and that is why lifelong Democrats like Ed Koch, Ron Silver, Zell Miller, Christopher Hitchens, and moderates like Rudy Giualianni, Arnold Schwarznager, and John McCain plus many many more will be casting an enthusiastic vote for George W. Bush. And why he will win.
    I’m hopeful but also a little cynical that John Kerry will be as successful reaching out. Fortunately I will doubt will have to find out.