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Bush Makes New Crime: Peacefully Protesting His Policies

April 26, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Special guest: Brett Bursey, Director of the South Carolina Progressive Network

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  • Johnny Newshound August 31, 2005 10:40 am

    What legal recourse is still possible at this date to pursue a deposition on the disposition of these 9/11 conspiracy claims?

  • Dave G. August 31, 2005 10:17 am

    You know what; I think he’s gone. That gentleman who we had come to know as Lucifer mike, as johnyP, as EN, as Mike Walsh, as enigma, as John Bolten – you know the fellow. I’m guessing that he got pulled off. I think he wasn’t supposed to talk about being assigned here, or the fact that he was provided transcripts of the radio show. I don’t think he was supposed to ever make any of his posts here while on his FBI ip. I think he was thought to be a bit risky even by their standards. I’m not sure if they have even replaced him yet, has anybody noticed?
    I am looking forward to hearing Jim Marrs today and I do not want to be remiss in my efforts to point out things so out of place with with the official account of 9-11.
    Jim Marrs points out that we, the public, would be far better informed as to what brought down the WTC buildings if the NY police and fire investigators were permitted to do their jobs. They were not. They were promptly removed by the FBI and a little understood Federal Emergency Management Agency. There job was to block all from approaching the seen as heavy equipment was brought in to remove the evidence. He points out that these federal agents were even arresting anyone attempting to take pictures near the seen. No one would be permitted to investigate anything. Jim Marrs quotes much of Bill Manning, editor of the 125 year old fireman’s publication; ‘Fire Engineering’ and Mr. Manning has some very relevant comments on what was happening (p- 44 – 45, Inside Job). “The destruction and removal of evidence must be stopped immediately” Manning said.
    Jim Marrs sites a number of fire officials who were also attempting to stop the destruction of evidence and they were attempting to impanel investigation teams but they were being blocked at every turn. He notes that this was the largest structural collapse in recorded history. It should logically have called for the largest investigation but any such efforts would only be obstructed.
    So again I find myself asking why would they do something like that? Why would they not want all to know the facts of what had just happened. I encourage others to ask these questions with me and tell me what you come up with