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Censorship at Press TV and the End of the "American Dream"

December 7, 2007

Many of you have remarked upon the fact that I am no longer hosting the ATN/PressTV Show, “The American Dream.” You have a right to know what happened.
I was originally told I could host any topic without censorship dealing with American policies and politics, domestic or foreign, including even a show on the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as long as it was relevant to the USA.
So when the Iranian President came to speak in New York, I proposed a show with four of the best Persian scholars in the USA discussing the Iranian President and his American trip. The panelists that agreed to do the show had varying points of view, some quite praiseworthy of Mr. Ahmadinejad and some quite critical.
Although I specifically asked permission to do the show on this topic and was granted it, one hour before the show was scheduled to air live, the show was cancelled with no explanation given. I was later told that Press TV would not allow me to discuss the topic.
Shortly after that, I was fired. I was promised a new censor-free show, “Inside America,” to air on PressTV, but these promises have yet to be fulfilled.  I will not re-host a show on PressTV (or anywhere else) unless I am free to invite guests critical of any Government’s policies, whether it be the USA or Iran or any other country.
It sure looks like censorship to me.

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