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Comment: More on Carter and Israel

January 1, 2007

I found this article interesting. And the comments to the article are even more interesting!
Other scholarly critiques of the Carter book are found here, and each is well worth reading.
I comment more (and meander a bit) on Carter’s book and dictatorships in the blog below.

Carter has the right to his opinion. He does not have the right to make up facts. And for that, we should all condemn his sloppy propaganda piece. Interestingly, Carter has yet to respond to a single one of these detailed critiques. I guess it’s hard to do so when he does things like misquote United Nations resolutions that anyone with a computer can easily see are false (such as his false claim that United Nations Resolution 242 states Israel MUST withdrawal from all territories it occupies prior to negotiations, when of course, it says nothing of the sort.)
That is why no serious Middle Eastern scholar or historian takes Carter seriously. Sadly, as Emory Professor Kenneth Stein (who resigned from the Carter Center and repudiated his 23-year association with the former President) points out, Carte’s book actually justifies the murder of innocent civillians. That’s pretty atrocious for a President who once claimed to stand for human rights. But sadly, Carter’s long association and support of dictators over the past few decades is just as bad as George W. Bush’s…. (different dictators but same embracing while failing to attack serious human rights violations)
When will Presidents — Democrat and Republican — understand that brutal dictatorships are bad whether they be Leftist or RIghtist? That does not mean, of course, that I advocate military action to conquer all dictatorships! We simply do not have the power to do that. But we need to call a spade a spade. And I’m tired of all the “spin” from the Left or the Right, whether that spin justify Castro, Pinochet, or Saddam Hussein (who, by the way, I’m glad is dead. At least we have one accomplishment from this horrible fiasco in Iraq).

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