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Comments: The Staging of Propaganda at Qana

August 6, 2006

More and more evidence is coming out now that the “massacre” at Qana was not only caused by but also staged by Hezbollah with the intent of using it to help them in a propaganda war to blame Israel for their own actions.
One problem, though: the SAME Hezbollah man is shown in numerous photos in numerous guises in a number of respectable newspapers. One time he’s called a Lebanese army official, one time a rescue official, one time a father. But it’s the same Hezbollah terrorist carrying on the same propaganda campaign who was holding a dead child in Qana in 1996! He conveniently managed to arrange the dead child in all manner of positions for the different photos.
For the Inside Scoop, see Who is this Man? and The “Green Helmet” Mystery Continues.
There ain’t nothing Hezbollah loves better than dead children. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill a few themselves when their supplies run low….

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