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I Debate Guns Before 5,000 Conservatives [Live at Western Conservative Conference]

June 28, 2015

I’m in Denver today, debating “gun-rights v. gun-control” at the Western Conservative Summit, the largest gathering of right-wing Americans after CPAC.

The debate between Katie Pavelich and myself can be found at 1 hour in this video to 1:30.

Check out the ridiculous pre-debate trailer:

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  • PacksA9 June 30, 2015 6:01 pm

    I attended the Summit and heard the conversation live. It was not nearly as interesting as the debate moderated by Hugh Hewitt. The format gave Katie the opening statement, then Mark. As such, Mark got to make outrageous statements that Katie had to rebut. Katie was never able to put her case forward as the moderator always had her responding to Mark.

    I appreciate Mark’s participation. I just wish he had come educated on the topic. There were hundreds of concealed carry citizens in the audience that would have, could have, put James Holmes down without harming a single innocent if we were in Aurora that night. It was only our politeness that kept more hands from going up.

  • wdtony June 28, 2015 8:02 pm

    Love the drivers license analogy. Everyone should need a license to own a gun. There are a lot of irresponsible gun owners in the US. Also, in Kentucky there is absolutely nothing required from buyer or seller to make a private gun transaction. I see improvements that could be made.

    I would like to see a middle ground reached pertaining to gun policies in the US. But from my perspective there needs to be changes made on both sides. And I don’t think either side wants to compromise.

    Most importantly, pertaining to mass shootings in particular, until we have a thorough investigation by the GAO about experimental and dangerous psychotropic drugs being prescribed to the masses, any discussion about stopping gun violence is futile. 48% of children in the PA foster care system are on permanently brain altering psychiatric drugs. The biggest threat to American liberty and safety is the unbridled Pharmaceutical Industry and an extremely weak FDA. The threat from guns pales in comparison. This is not off the topic of guns… almost every mass shooter has been linked to taking these psychiatric drugs.

    And just recently James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado theater shooter, admitted in his notebook that before he was prescribed an SSRI antidepressant he was afraid and apprehensive about carrying out the murderous thoughts he had. But once on the drugs, he wrote: “No more fear, hatred unchecked”. I think this is a very clear example of why investigating these drugs is so important. I guarantee you that had he not had guns, James Holmes would have driven a vehicle into a crowd of people and killed or injured just as many people as he did in the theater. People on these drugs can think very analytically and make methodical plans. These aren’t the crazies of the past, the drugs have turned them into a new breed of psychos…. and in some cases normal people take these drugs and in at least one case a mother killed her children. So I would postulate that these drugs are also creating killers out of normal people.

    Sorry, got off track. Great debate….. I agree with the gentleman in the middle, I appreciated not hearing catch phrases or ridiculous hypotheticals. Now if the rest of Washington could be so reasonable and civil, we might get somewhere.