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Celebration in Egypt; Gridlock in Washington

February 11, 2011

Mubarak is gone from power. Surprise!
Republicans can’t agree on spending cuts. No surprise.

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  • Robt February 14, 2011 3:30 am

    I do not nknow where to begin.
    I have been witnessing some great strides in the human race as late.
    This is one of them.
    They have begun a untold future. The people will influence greatly now.
    I believe in the people of Egypt and not so much of the past Gov’t. Even if America had fair relations .
    When I watched Muslims praying and Christians surrounding them in a human chain to give then undisturbed prayer. Then I watched the Muslims make a human chain to provide Christians with undisturbed prayer.
    I was amazed!!!!!!
    have the Egyptians sealed Al-Qaida’s fate and made their teroristic movement obsolete?
    The peaceful protests of the demonstrations the Egyptians displayed in such a mass. I mean it was a site to see and hear.
    The huge numbers of peaceful determined masses I think have shown that Al-Qaida and other terrorist traited organizations are becoming obsolete. A relic of tactics.
    Could I imagine hamass doing this to Israel, not quite yet anyways.
    I have belief in the people of Egypt that the future Gov’t they becon should be much better than the dicatatorship and marshall Law they have endured.
    I will monitor Egypt’s direction and Gov’t make over as time goes on. Very interesting timefor them and most interesting fot me as to see how a modern day democracy will be formed. How their elections are respectfully carried out.
    Highly interesting. It actually gives me a great hopeful feeling for our little planet.
    From where I read and listen to news, I do not have any reservations that the Mulsim Brotherhood will be of any mischief. I kind of view them as a Egyptian version of the TEA party here in America. Don’t see them as a threat. Although, if they run for office I am sure they would promote religion in terms of theocracy over Democracy.
    Again, I have much confidence in the Egyptian people.
    What concerns I do have is all the stalling, procrastination Mubarak played out. It is my notion that he needed time to pack up his money, (the government’s money), his private jets (he bought from Boeing with the foriegn aid he and his country recieved from the United States Tax payers.
    He needed time to steal the ashtrays and drapes from the palace.
    I think the new Gov’t should look into what Old Hosni packed on his team of camels.
    What funds he wired to banks outside Egypt.
    His VP side kick to? Mr. Torture andd magical act of making peole disappear right in front of you. He doesn’t even have a magicians license.
    I haven’t read much on Israel’s thoughts on this. I did see a report where the Saudi King asked President Obama not to disgrace Hosni that if they need to they would provide funding to prop him up for a while. This was in terms of America cutting our foreign aid off to Egypt.
    So why doesn’t Saudi fund them anyways. Hell, they can fund me for a while to prop up my dignity.
    All in all,
    The dicatator is gone and it is over. Even with the theft from the Gov’t.
    I got to tell you, when I heard some of Hosni’s speach. He spoke of all HIS sacrifices, HIS defense of Egypt, His dedication to the people, HIS years of service. On and on. It was dellusional.
    I imagine 30 years as a propped up dictator, it will make you feel so benevolent of yourself.
    Could Saudi Arabia be next?
    Will their people start looking at the natural resources the country and wonder why they belong to KINGs and princes?
    Will the youth of Iran hear this and learn from it?
    Our world is changing. Sometimes for the insprational betterment.
    So far, I am inspired by the Egyptians………….