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Debate Analysis

October 10, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Who won the second Kerry-Bush “Town Hall” Debate?
Who won the Vice-Presidential Debate?

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  • Skip October 11, 2004 4:45 pm

    Hey ben,
    What would make the better debater a better president? How about his brains and his REAL familiarity with the issues (instead of prerehearsed one-liners). You know, like when the Pentagon etc tried to push a nuclear war with the USSR on Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis, and JFK resisted and decided on the blockade. If it were Dubya there in the White House back then he would have been wagging his tail ever so obediently and we would have all been toast, or wishing we were toast.
    Oops, I forgot, you see nothing wrong a brainless figurehead of a president who has a room full of people (aka “advisors”) pulling his strings. Then lets make things slightly more democratic and vote for the string pullers, not the puppet. Lets get everything out in the open. None of this secrecy crap. This is the most secretive administration in the history of this nation.

  • Robert E. Lee Smith October 11, 2004 8:57 am

    Ben, the debates are more than talk–demeanor of the candidates is expressed subliminally (Bush 41,Bush 43, and Nixon fall in the same category of debating ineptness)
    Ben, you can believe Bush won the second debate–and you may be the only person that thinks that.
    Kerry won the debates and should be President–Ben, your premise works!
    No one should certainly not try to claim a “winner” like in the last selection (especially Scalia)–forget civil war in Iraq–there’ll be civil war in America, then.