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Debate Monday

May 8, 2006

Featuring Mark’s favorite Republican, Mike Lane
Competing Democratic and Republican agendas for the 2006 elections:
The Dem Agenda:
Raise Minimum Wage
Allow the Government to Negotiate Better Prescription Drug Prices
Increase Homeland Security
Strong Anti-Bribery Ethics Legisation
Alternative Energy
“Pay-as-you-Go” Budgets (so no more increase in deficits)
Making the Administration Accountable
The Repub Agenda:
Do-Little Congress
No Accountability for the Administration
Tax Cuts for a Structural Deficit and Massive Debt for the Future
A Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Gay People from Marrying
Subsidies to Oil and Pharmaceutical Companies
Weak Anti-Bribery Legislation
A new CIA Director who Defends Illegal Eavesdropping on the Grounds that the President is Above the Law
Can even a dyed-in-the-wool Repubican defend this agenda?
Why is Bush approval rating at 32%?

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  • God help us! May 11, 2006 9:20 am

    Is it becoming more clear how the larger debacle of Armageddon-looming in the Middle-East is shaping up? (Iran the agitator with Russia and China tacitly aligned) The Book of Revelations warns of the kings of the Orient and an army from the north marching on Israel
    Can the Bush boys blow relations with Russia with any more blatant blundering than talking about Russia’s internal democracy, or lack of it–can Cheney be more of a hypocrite in trying to defend democratic principles, when he is about stifling them in the U.S.–time to lock his sorry ass up for the Mrs. Wilson outing case–and expose his hypocrisy
    As the Bush boys blunder in blustering with Iran and Russia–God help us! (America is in the hands of idiot dinosaurs)