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Debate Tuesday

June 21, 2005

(Jim Greenfield broadcast stream (Part 1)) (Jim Greenfield .mp3 download (Part 1) Right-click,”Save Target as”,”Save”)
(INSIDE SCOOP broadcast stream (Part 2)) (INSIDE SCOOP .mp3 download (Part 2) Right-click,”Save Target as”,”Save”)
Mark debates fellow TalkStarRadio talk show host, Conservative Jim Greenfield. First, Mark will be on the Jim Greenfield Show. Then Jim will be on THE INSIDE SCOOP.
The topics today:
1) Is Iraq like Vietnam? Is it time to leave?
2) Which economy is morally better: a very large, unequal “pie” or a smaller pie, more equitably distributed? In other words, should an economy be judged by the average wealth of its total members? Or by the average wealth of its middle class and poorest?
To make the point crystal clear, here’s an example:
If there were ten people in an economy, which would be better?
A) One person has $10 million, 6 people have $100,000 and 3 people have nothing. (Total worth: $10.6 million. Average wealth over $1 million)
Or B) Two people have $1 million, 3 people have $300,000, 3 people have $200,000, and 2 people have $100,000. (Total worth $3.7 million. Average wealth less than $400,000.)
I suspect Jim would favor example A. I definitely favor example B.

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  • Weep on McWiener July 17, 2005 6:01 pm

    It’s a Wonderful World
    Between serenity and madness the pendulum swings,
    Both Heaven and Hell are a lingering choice.
    Welcome to Maya in the 21st Century,
    Where pleasure is pain in such a grand-scaled illusion,
    The wheel of suffering keeps rolling along,
    With people clinging to its disguises.
    Others are sunbathing on the back of the flesh-eating dinosaur,
    Where love mirrors empty hearts and co-dependent couples procreate insanity.
    It all started with innocence, and that is what it will become,
    When the pleasure of pain dissolves in the Son,
    From the light that shines through us from the Father.