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Debate Tuesday

August 23, 2005

(Jim Greenfield broadcast stream (Mark is on in second hour) )
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Back from vacation with a two-hour debate with fellow Talk Star radio host Jim Greenfield on the issues of the day.
First, Mark on Jim’s show. Then, Jim on Mark’s show,
beginning one hour early at 6 pm Eastern, 5 Central, 4 Mountain and 3 Pacific
If you want YOUR issue discussed, post it here on the blog!

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  • G.I. Joe August 25, 2005 9:33 am

    Jim Greenfield has expressed a fondness for the cuisine of American-Vietnamese restaurants
    Please Jim, stay away from the rat-aroni and the dog-fried rice–you are what you eat
    And also Jim, the neo-domino theory being employed in Iraq is as faulty as the domino theory that 58,000 G.I.s died for in Vietnam
    On your show you told how it was an easy mistake in that it was in the wake of political prototype
    of Korea–but when can we learn that mistake (The Vietnam War was about Vietnamese independence not the spread of Communism–the Chinese-Vietnamese War proved that)
    How many G.I.s have to die in Iraq to reenact that mistake? Fighting terrorism in Iraq–is fighting terrorism indigenous of Iraq and mostly fed by U.S. presence there
    If we don’t stop them in Baghdad it doesn’t mean we have to fight them in Bayonne, N.J.–lets dispense with that one rationale for U.S. occupation of Iraq, right now

  • Robt August 25, 2005 4:35 am

    Mark, Late to the show again,
    I have two comments on your show with Jim.
    How would he like to live in a world that pays no taxes for cops to arrest the theives that stole Jim’s life savings. Nor the prisons that would house them. Or either for a government that would have a military protect their investment interests. How about the one step further than Jim’s world? Why Should we live in his, When we can live in complete freedom of Gov.. Notice exactly what Jim is for in Government. only that in which he is willing to percieve that only benefits him directly and now! I have always found selfish humor muse in those like Jim who carves out a world that suits him only. Experience tells me that Jim
    would be very unhappy if he was given his wish. He can have it his way if he was willing to move out of the U.S.A. instead of making America a third would country. Total “survival life” shortens ones lifespan beyond a reasonable doubt. Peer inside a prison (general populace) and see Jim’s world.
    What is with the Iraqi people. Aid & abet insurgents, terrorists. They know who they are and where they eat, sleep, and hide their weapons. Yet do not inform us of any of this. We die in their plain view and they do not even tell us this info. We fight and die for them while their silence of this info kills U.S. soldeirs.
    Well these are 2 questions I’d have for Jim Greenfield.

  • Sad - but True August 24, 2005 7:16 pm

    I think I now understand how the top 10 gadget works, thank you.
    Jim Greenfield is a bundle of neo-con ploys and deceptions. I believe he is driven exclusively by self interests. He wants as much as he can get for himself and has little or no concern for others. I don’t think he is rich enough though. I believe that somewhere down the road the very wealthy neo-cons will eat his lunch too. I can picture him trying to explain – hey, I’m one of you. I’m out to screw the poor. I support all of your power grabs. Why are you trying to take from me? He won’t understand. He had been so loyal to the great exploiters, how could they be turning on him. I believe he realy won’t understand. It has something to do with big rats eating little rats.