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Debate Tuesday

November 15, 2005

Guest: Katherine DeBrecht, Author of Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under my Bed

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  • G. I. Joe November 17, 2005 8:10 pm

    Bob–when you have OBE–tell me about it–I know a B-40 blown up about five feet from me can do it–I know that for sure

  • Bob November 17, 2005 7:11 pm

    Neurologist Olaf Blanke and colleagues from the University Hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne have found that electrical stimulation of a site in the brain called the right angular gyrus can cause OBE.
    who knows for sure…??

  • Out of body experience November 17, 2005 1:32 pm

    Ginger–everyone has faith in something–some have faith in nothing–the problem is when experiences happen that redefine one’s faith–something like being outside of your body and still thinking–and realizing there is not such a thing as death–in a very real and pragmatic way
    Looking at your body and still thinking–think about that–there is nothing else to realize except that you are a spirit that was once housed in a human body–but now quite independent and functioning from that body
    The growing fingernails and hair? The life force is still in the corpse although the spirit has left it–your beating heart–you don’t control it–the life force does
    Out of Body
    Surrounded by darkness,
    I see the light,
    magnificent, alluring,
    beckoning hypnotically with mother’s love,
    shining figures of Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna,
    displaying the elegant, exotic beauty
    of human being,
    void of evil, unified,
    relaying in telepathic voice
    the essence of existence,
    breathing, absorbing me in
    to another realm…
    To the River of Life
    where I drink in
    realizing something that can be
    less than nothing
    and greater than anything
    and that everything is light
    and love
    and alive,
    cycling, recycling endlessly.
    Returned to my body
    my heart knows I am
    a creature of light
    I am at peace within the process.
    Purple Heart
    I looked down at the sky, flat on my back,
    at the Southern Cross,
    and wondered why I was still alive.
    That day before I had seen death,
    and death spit me up,
    like Jonah out of the whale,
    or was it more like a chunk of bad meat rejected,
    even by the taste of a jackal?
    Part of me felt exalted,
    another part felt like a piece of vomit.
    I looked down at the stars, and they didn’t seem to care,
    they just shined back at me and said nothing.
    They just shined their fire at me,
    that they had cast off eons ago;
    the stars seemed unaffected by my plight.
    And yet, I couldn’t forget that feeling,
    that tranquil flight from my body, I had just taken,
    all encompassing peace,
    stillness that was complete,
    a feeling I wanted to feel forever,
    that I knew was still there,
    for me, when my time was right.

  • Ginger November 17, 2005 11:50 am

    My dear new friend asks, “Ginger–could you explain to me what grows your fingernails and beats your heart”
    Nope. And neither can you. Did you know that your hair and fingernails will continue to grow long after you’re dead and burried? Can you explain that? Wonders never cease.
    And it’s fine to have beliefs based on faith. The problem comes in when people become so thoroughly convinced that their theories are fact that they’re willing to kill and die, to put people in cages or otherwise employ coercion against one another based on their theories about life, the universe and everything.
    I know very brilliant and compassionate Finlanders who believe, litterally, in fairies the way many Christians believe in angels. I’m fine with that. I even enjoy learning about their traditions and folk lore and musing over how those beliefs hold together a society and how they connect (or sometimes disconnect) with the imutable laws of physics and nature.
    In a nutshell, I believe that all of the diety worshiping religions down through the ages have been attempts to personify those immutable laws and facts. Science, when people treat it like a religion, is no different.