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Debate Tuesday

November 28, 2006

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How long will the Democrats control Congress?
And other questions from the Politicial Earthquake of 2006
Guest: Republican Strategist Mike Lane

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  • Bush's credibility about Iraq hits zero November 30, 2006 9:21 am

    If George Bush is really betting on the current Iraqi government–he must be in denial that the Malawi government survives at the whim of Al Sadr and a Shiite army of some 70,000 strong
    At best Bush can only package defeat of all his previous definitions of victory in Iraq into a palatable retreat that keeps the damage to a minimum–and Bush’s arrogance prevents him from even doing this
    U.S. forces are pinching battalions into extended and new tours to just try to muster an extra 20,000 troops–to add to an over-extended force with a mission that gets murkier by the day
    How many Americans want to die in Iraq–so Bush can save face?
    Enlist today! (U.S. trainers can take the Iraqi regulars out to the firing range everyday to teach them to shoot straight–but the Americans will never be able to teach the Iraqis allegiance to the Malawi government–that’s why the training is taking so long and why Americans need to be embedded as “cadre enforcers”)

  • a Robt Rant... November 28, 2006 2:36 pm

    How long will the Republicans stay in the minority? The minority seems to be working out quite well for them (Babs Bush mentality).
    Will the republicans ever realize that leadership on their part has been forced on the people and never cared to listen to the people?
    Even though you were the majority you forgot about representing those not of your party affiliate. So you chose to represent a good ole boy system and rule everyone else.
    Keep listening to Rove, Please.!
    Will the republicans cope as a minority or become zealous “obstructionists” and during a time of occupation of another country.?
    For a political party that wraps itself in the flag too often, hides behind patriotism as it shows disdain for the Constitution. It will take a long time to repackage that (U.S. dividing hateful) image to be able to market it successfully to the American people again.
    If you don’t like the US govmt and its Constitution, Why do you want to be American when you can go to Hong Kong or China where the rules of a society fit your needs or desire of no societal rules.?
    I am surprised that the republicans did not lose enough seats to provide the Dems veto over-ride.
    I look foreward to Newt, Guliani, Frist, McCain, Romney, and the likes of hate spewing, partisan representation, qualified affairs as Clinton types, and of course those who might run that plain do not have the inclusive American dream pictured and running for ’08 party President nomination.
    Go ahead, Spend all the money in swift boats your wealth may buy. The above repubs mentioned will not float on swift boats but only to find the ice berg as the Titanic only now in ’08.
    Reagan wasn’t as great as you repubs like to promote for your own sales pitch interests.