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Debate Tuesday: Competing Political Philosophies

March 8, 2005

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[Due to technical difficulties, the archive stream is in two parts.]
Mark Levine debates Republican leader Jim Parmelee on the basic philosophies of the Democratic and Republican Parties:
Why are you a Republican? A conservative?
Why are you a Democrat? A liberal?
Both parties/sides tend to have knee-jerk reactions:
Democrats/Liberals care about poor people, the environment, equal opportunity, unions, teachers, corporate regulation, consumer protection, high taxes on inherited wealth, low taxes on people struggling to make a living, education, low debt, open government, separation of church and state, rehabilitation and drug treatment rather than prison, war as a last resort, prevention of genocide, voting rights, police officers and firefighters, homeland security, gun control, and a free press….
Republicans/conservatives care about rich people, big business, corporations, oil companies, low taxes (for corporations, capital gains, inherited wealth, interest, and dividends), Government/Church partnership, letting people succeed in business without government help or interference, strict Government regulation/monitoring of private lives, high debt, closed government, strict voting regulations, wars to compel countries to follow US interests, and a press controlled and manipulated by the Government…
What makes us support one side or the other?

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  • Mike in MN March 13, 2005 5:50 pm

    Your a woman, surly, you understand the inequalities of life. After years of being treated as property,
    Women united, rose up and had to fight, die, for thier “God Given Rights”.
    This laws were that men could unfairly dominated thier wives.
    The laws were wrong- and they had to change, and they did.
    It wasn’t until 1965 that a Black Man or Woman could vote.
    Our goverment fought it the whole way.
    Men supressed woman,white supressed black and
    rich supress poor with lack of opportunity.
    Do you think THIS group of Republicans are really TRYING to HELP the poor and oppressed in our society today?
    They’ve cut everything related to funding education, pell grants, and thier policies are hurting the MIDDLE class,and Vicky, the poor are taking a beating.
    Your “Hand up” idea is great, and ANY sucessfull
    society needs REAL opportunities to be there for those capable of using such help.
    What are they? As a white male starting a small construction business 15 years ago ,I knew of no real help then, imagine if I was a man of color or a woman of color, it would have been even harded.
    Are these “Hand Up’s” really available to anyone?,muchless the millions of poor folks out there?
    I don’t see them.
    Even if there were all this opportunity out there
    (Which there is not)
    Many folks just don’t fit into this white,male,kissass coporate system.
    As in 1965, the Democrates must have the power and money to help ones that need help with first the Hand out and then the Hand up.
    If we don’t help, no one will.

  • G.I. Joe March 11, 2005 9:51 am

    Jeff–MacArthur would testify old soldiers fade away

  • Gordon from Bora Bora March 11, 2005 8:46 am

    To Forgive Thee is to Forgive Me
    View through the hurt
    beyond blame’s fear
    by selectively remembering
    the innocence of the ultimate thee
    residing in a higher tier
    of reality.
    Love is so near
    when the power of forgiveness
    penetrates the nervous system,
    opening the heart
    and filling it with inner peace.
    Every situation avails the option
    to dissolve the ego’s blinding blunders
    and see angels,
    all about,
    where demons used to be.
    Gordon Neumann

  • lord gorts newest and bestest buddy(anyone ever seen Stripes?) March 11, 2005 6:36 am

    In all honesty gordon,we do seem to agree for the most part,and if we divide on any given line,then I actually look forward to futher debate with you at this point!

  • jeff m. March 11, 2005 6:24 am

    well vicky…I do beleive lord gort has proven your point in no uncertain terms! (just the way he likes it.(sorry colonel,old habits….like soldiers, die hard.))