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Debate Tuesday: Mark Debates a Listener on Iraq

December 6, 2005

For a couple of years now, Ed Wronka (formerly of New Jersey and now from Buffalo, New York) has listened to THE INSIDE SCOOP, called in occasionally, and commented on the blog. Ed, an engineer whose older brother was an aide to Robert Kennedy, nevertheless supports the U.S. War in Iraq and the decision of the Bush Administration to fight there.
Now Ed is the first listener to challenge me mano a mano on Debate Tuesday. I welcome the debate.

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  • Vicky December 9, 2005 2:04 pm

    I just now finished listening to this show – very interesting!
    Mark, I admire your decision to override the advice of your producers in this situation.
    Ed, you did a great job. I appreciate and identify with your philosophy of testing your own convictions by listening to those whose opinions differ than yours – with an open mind!

  • Robt December 7, 2005 1:55 pm

    You mentioned GW stretch his case for War.
    So you admit from the beginning that the basis for invading iraq was hyped. As a “unscrupulous prosecutor wanting to persecute” one for his own self interest. The people want blood, give it to them? To put a feather in his cap, say.
    That it bolsters the prosecuters position and self esteem, no matter if the facts are trumped up.
    Why is it the President could not use American soldiers in Afganistan as targets to draw the terrorists and fight them there?
    Why does the President have such divided views when it comes to Iraq vs new Orleans, for instance. New Orleans he and his party feel that individuals should simply take care of it. In Iraq, it is quite the opposite (we must do it for them)??
    One cannot ignore the first reasoning of preempting war. Nor the ever changing reasons ever since we invaded. What is GW’s current reasons (excuses) for Iraq? Have you even noticed the changes?
    If Bush feels so caring for these Iraqi’s why doesn’t he allow the free maket to take its course?
    And remember this next time someone says our military is fighting for Iraqi’s freedom. That we don’t know exactly which Iraqi’s we are fighting for?
    -It is not for a democratic society, but for a Theocracy.
    -Do the American tax payers get a full money back warranty if GW’s plan does not work?
    -What do you think the Admistrations position will be once the exclusive oil contracts are signed and our soldiers mission is soley oil and not Iraqi people? That keeping the oil flow is now a U.S. interest for oil companies that will use the military to produce this oil for sale. Not just for sale in the U.S.A. mind you. When an American soldier is killed, (as a soldier your not Fallen, life lost, Life taken, etc, YOU ARE KILLED), Killed for oil flow for US oil companies please give a salute at the oil pumps in rememberance or perhaps put one of those “I support the troops” magnets on your auto! You will feel so much better, and Republicans will count on you for campaign $$$ support.
    It should of been Iran invaded for WMD.
    Bush took his eyes off the Nuke bouncing ball.
    He laid tiraids on those who disagreed with him on Korea and spoke of unpatriotic people giving verbal aid to Korea. While Bush himself sent food to N. Korea before any talks even started. This food the U.S.A. has been providing N. Korea has pretty much went to N. Korea’s Military and officials (not the people intended for). So much so that Bush recently asked the the “evil U.N.” to ensure the food gets to the N. Korean people, not just the military and potentates.
    So as the President condemned those for verbally disagreeing over N. Korea and that they were unpatriotic and giving aid to the enemy. It was actually Bush giving tax payer paid for food to N. Korea. Who was giving aid and comfort to the Enemy?, (Bush was calling N. Korea the enemy at the time).
    America’s presence in Iraq will have to be almost forever under the Bush Plan. With Syria, Jordan, Iran, awiating their turn for influencing Iraq If we were ever to step aside.
    This President plays the war on drugs here in America with the republican party touting themselves of this stance as a family value. So why in Afganistan does our military there ignore the sale of opium to the world?
    It doesn’t appear at any corner that Bush is doing anything out of caring for people in general. It is caring about corporate people and the elite.
    If you want, you may list what George has done or is doing to make life for the underprivilage Americans or even middle class Americans better?
    Like for instance, Cheap labor and goods from China for wal Mart but no cheap prescription drugs from Canada. This President leaves me begging for the gas lines of the Carter years!
    I tip my hat to you for your defense of Rush, GW, and company. Amd thanks to Mark for debating you. None of the right wing radio would allow the opportunity to articulate a position different to theirs. Suggestion- Try reading more various news sources than you presently do. You do have courage, I give you that. Not a position I would want to defend, knowing what I do of all this…………..
    If you watch the Saddam trial. Please watch for the chemical(WMD) charges to be made. Made by those who provided it and ignored it since the 80’s!!! Little Bush is not a finger nail of his Dad……………..

  • The Dream Police December 7, 2005 1:11 pm

    Dave–our present administration is like the drunk uncle that the rest of the family doesn’t like to talk about and Iraq is that nasty accident he got into while driving DUI

  • Skip December 7, 2005 1:10 pm

    Be careful what news sources you use, Ed. The Bush administration has been in the business of manufacturing its own “good news” for a while. Follow the money trail, Ed. Who has the most to gain financially? Here’s an interesting article on the subject: