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Debate with a Republican

May 7, 2007

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Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on George Tenet, the War in Iraq, how we got in and how we can get out.

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  • Robt May 9, 2007 3:19 pm

    I believe your right when people begin the dialogue on the issues. Hopefully it spurs more and more discussion. Resulting in involement and action(s).
    A president and political party that is strong in mind to unilateralism does not allow for reasonable men to participate. That isn’t demaocracy in my pages of the book.
    Gun advocates decry, “guns don’t kill people-people kill people”. If we alter that just a bit you would have, “Guns don’t kill people-people use guns to kill people”.
    The same can be said with Government in many respects. Republicans say, ” government is bad and we need smaller government “. What they really mean is that, “A bigger government that tthey want would have the ability to oversee and regulate their business mischief and harm.
    So Repubs have gone out of their way to prove how bad government can be. Except they found they like to enrich themnselves with the obsessing lure of power.
    Remember the chant of NAFTA? Raise the standard of living in Mexico to ours?
    It was never about that. Costs of products imported have not gone down in price in the U.S. to reflect the low cost of overseas labor. And of course the free reign of corporations to neglect humane responsibilities.
    I suspect it is about ripping down America to the third world level for Corporations to compete freely. By the way, product costs have not gone down here but check out corporate profits.
    I do not think America’s government should protect business interests abroad any more. We do to a very large extent. Our tax dollars at work again for big business. That include our military and diplomatic protections. Enforcing copyrights in the world is just one way we spend big money to help poor corporations that care less about Americans.
    I’ll get back to this later. Must go.

  • madfuq May 8, 2007 3:59 pm

    Robt. We and I mean you and I and everyone else for years have been spoon fed through our media by the talking heads exalting the corporate agenda, corporations have been elevated to the level of personhood on a par with the individual. Cleverly as this message has been repeated over and over it worms its way into the consciousness as normal or expected. We have been told that corporations are needed for jobs. Well the last several years we can now see the fallacy of this rhetoric jobs as such are now outsourced to the cheapest labor denomination, this in turn supplies the most profit to the upper few in heads of corporations and does not trickle down (what a assinine phrase)
    to the working man that does the labor. We are told we now live under a global economy, bullshit we now live under a select few individuals that wield power through wealth. Give me enough money and I can buy you any kind of idea you want and cram it down the throat of those who don’t think of the consequences they will reap from this kind of servitude.
    The corrections start when we talk about them, when a voice here and there says “whats up with this?” How many of us vote against our own interests for a one idea platform, we focus on one thing instead of looking at all the aspects or our candidates. The repubs have been very successful using a few passionate things to stir their base even when overall it damages them on a personal existence. The idea that government is bad is one of these ideas, double speak terms partial birth abortion when there is actually no medical term using these words, a procedure has been renamed to make it emotionally unpalitable to the lay person.
    One idea the repubs continue to promote is religion even to the point of calling the dems Godless. When you have no real ideas you attack your opponent like a game! Evolution is another wedge issue they love to use. Think how assinine this issue is to people that are really Christians. Why would I have to use science to prove to me that my God exists when His word tells me that faith is where my salvation lies. It is irrelevent to me to have to prove God to someone with science I have to live by faith, my God is so powerful He does not need any other proof except my belief He is! I read in my Bible the names by which He is called and none of them have to be examined by science to me I am in awe and realize how insignifigant I am without Him!
    I do not long for the good old days; they never were! I long for a population that is uplifted with high ideals by leaders that promote the good of the many not just a few people. That want us to survive well as a nation and not be divided over one or two ideas. Idealy a nation that isn’t ego and greed driven but succeeds because of our diverse nature, where justice serves we the people and not just those who can buy it. I guess this idealistic of me but I know there are men and women that feel the same way and want to serve the country. Mainly we need a decent mind set nationally.

  • Robt May 8, 2007 1:47 pm

    I’ve got to ask,
    What do you see would correct this corporate power trend? I don’t think all corporations are bad. But many many have the bottom line over humanity. Corporations used to value its employees. Now a company that has a CEO making 440 times that of its hourly and earns it from the golf course. As it is now when companies have operation strugggles. They refer to their hourly operators for advice to correct. The engineers go to the operations hourly for information of operating problems.
    The operating hourly doesn’t care to be informative anymore because the company pays outside consultants big money. But, cannot come up with problem resolvement for their pay and again, they refer to the hourly operators for info to pass on and resolve.
    What do you see that can be done with corporate greed in America?
    I can see that the prescription problem can be dealt with using a decent government to tweek it.