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Where is the Progressive Passion?

September 1, 2009

Why are we compromising so much?
Why is that the right-wing tactics of lying and demagoguery succeed?
Why aren’t people converging on town halls FOR health insurance reform?
Should progressives learn from the dirty tricks of the Lunatic Right?

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  • Tao McMao September 12, 2009 8:49 am

    A government that doesn’t expose its traitors and tainted acts–wears no pants
    and all the while its war criminals run free
    (what rhymes here?–oh yes…)

  • Robt September 4, 2009 3:03 am

    I am not sure I have half a brain left after 8 years of the bush Adm and conservative/Republican rule.
    I am impatient and I know it. The more rhetoric and vile that is spewed across the media portaying that this minority of republican vile is the supposed to be the normal majority.
    I apprciate President Obama’s reaching out to republicans. I really do. It may just stop the republicans from drowning themselves. So far it has not.
    When republicans were in the majority the media had the excuse for having on republicans 7 to 1.
    Now that the Dems are the majority and control we still see republicans and their voices 7 to one over the Dems. Why?
    You must understand, here in Nebraska we have 3 house reps that are all republican and 1 senator is is republican and the other is republican light. My Democratic Senator was one that ended the filabuster for republicans frequently. He now considers if he should stand against a republican filabuster for most anything.
    On health care and I quote, ” The non Partisan Lewen Group says___”.
    We all know United Health Care owns the Lewen Group. It cannot be non partisan. Hell, The Heritage Foundation is non partisan to them.
    When your senator scolds a group for a public option that is trying to advertise here in the state by telling them “Not to” and “that it will not sway him”. Yet embraces the Health insurance companies running the high dollar ads here in the state. It is troublesome at the least.
    You know, I absolutrly agree with you over “who the congressmmen are working for”. I believe it is esier to conclude who indeed than you think.
    Obama won one of 3, of the state electorial votes from Nebraska. That is from my district. We have a republican congressman that writes news letters smearing the President. He has voted “NO” on every single vote and will continue to through ot Obama’s term. That is the GOP’s orders. And they are disciplined at towing the party line no matter how harmful to America and Americans.
    Voting for TARP and against the stimulas? voting against the Lilly ledbetter act? They misinform their district voters to the point of lying. Repub supporters think it is fine to lie as long as it furthers their guy. The local paper has a public pulse and it is a right leaning paper. They won’t print anything that they deem is too damaging to a congressman. They will print right wing hate speech of liberal communism and Obama screeching. So I write my Senators and my House Rep. I only get response from one Senator who is the Dem. The Repub rep and the repub Senator does not reply.
    It becomes very frustrating. I make every attempt at being polite even though I may make strong points.
    I work in a union here and too many are convinced that the EFCA is bad and are against it. Go figure that one? They don’t want Gov’t taking over health care because Gov’t can’t do anything right. But they want that same Gov’t to pass a law to force the insurance industries to play nice with Americans with their health care. (I’ve tried all the new math and that still doesn’t compute) because I have no idea how they can trust that same Gov’t to pass laws?
    Have you seen this?
    When it comes to republicans being dishonest with Americans over public haelth care and how deathly dangerous they say it is and will be.
    try reading this
    We already know many lie. There are Dems that are bought and are decieving as well. After all many are merely career politicians, not representatives of the people.
    Don’t get me wrong. President Obama is superior to GW Bush. I guess I am more like a two year old that wants alot and big things and NOW.
    Should I feel otherwise?

  • madfuq September 3, 2009 3:04 pm

    No Robt anyone with half a brain still functioning is aware of what you wrote as why we voted the repubs out of office. Now we need to continue to do so it seems to me. Even more so for the benefit of the US.
    I would like to ask every candidate and every sitting senator and congressman, “Who do you serve?” I beleive their answers if they were honest would not be we the people, this health care now being discussed is glaring with who they serve, mostly big money, corporate power and whom ever is contributing tons of money to their campaigns, it is not we the people. America needs to wake up, grow up and look at who they elect and how they serve we the people period.

  • Robt September 2, 2009 4:11 am

    lack of enthusiasm and support begins with settling for less at the top.
    -Where on Max Baucus’s committee table was single payer plan offered?
    -Vigorous torture investigations?
    how many people want to get behind and support investigations of a few little people following orders or following orders with zeal?
    -Wall street and corporate bonus’s at the Gov’t trough while working stiffs continue to lose their jobs and homes?
    -Where are the investigations of the Wall Street collapse?
    Can we really balme it all on Bernie Madoff?
    -Where was the open transparent Gov’t (on CSPAN mind you) when the President wheeled and dealed with Big Pharma? That was enclusive wasn’t it?
    -We saw the kid gloves handing money over to banks (bankers). But the gloves came off and money was conditioned at the expense of workers contracts. Bank contracts must be adhered but union contracts are flexible?
    -Is there any movement on election reform?
    -The Presidents bully pulpit has been vacant for the most during the entire month of August. Except for maybe 2 appearances. One of them in Arizona? McCainville? I commend him for entering hostile territory but to draw a crowd of support there are other places to consider?
    -Why are we still employing most of all the Bush Judges and prosecutors? You know, the Fed prosecutors that did what Rove wanted them to do unlike the ones that did not play ball with Rove and got fired?
    -Changing the nations current language terminology. Such as Homeland Security, the use of Czars?
    -Auditing the the Fed?
    -Control of TARP funds and pulling the strings that better be attached.
    -Where is that 9 billion dollars that went missing in Iraq. The pallets of cash?
    There are so many issues that must be returned to, no matter how painful as katrina failure and re commitmant to filling prison cells with torturers, Gov’t war cantractors not providing their commitment.
    We are impaiteint out here!!!!!!!
    Cap and trade can wait until most of these others are done. Because I see Cap and trade as big a fight as health care.
    By the Way, should Congress hold hearings on its member for misinforming their district voters with ill intent? Can it be done because I am sure members of congress do take an oath?
    Your out of work, have no health care and have urgent health problems, your eyeballing an overpass for you and your family to homestead and congress wants to fight over cap and trade?
    Then there is corporate personhood. Money as free speech for corporations to shout out individuals. lobby money that over-rides the voters..
    Shall I go on?