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Dismantling the American Dream

December 2, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Poverty is up. Middle class income is down. People are working longer hours for less and losing their health care and pensions to boot. The current “recovery” is the worst in American history since the Great Depression.
Why is it getting harder and harder for the average American to get ahead?
Guest: Ken Buchdahl, Author of Dismantling the American Dream: Globalization, Free Trade, Immigration, Unemployment, Poverty, Debt, Foreign Depency and More

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  • Summer December 4, 2004 10:44 pm

    Sorry Dr. Freud – I know my response was flip. As much as I can’t agree with much of what you say, I do enjoy your input.

  • The sound of one-hand-clapping December 4, 2004 9:49 am


  • Summerspring December 3, 2004 2:09 pm

    Yada,yada – you have an answer for everything – always, huh?

  • Godzilla Joe December 3, 2004 12:06 pm

    And after one term didn’t Teddy Roosevelt give Taft the presidency to go hunting in Africa?

  • Summer December 3, 2004 10:08 am

    Nov 11 – “REPUBLICANS HAVE SWEPT THE COUNTRY. After one of the most remarkable political campaigns in the history of the Republic, the Republican party has achieved the grandest and most complete victory during the fifty years of its existence. With the matchless leader who marched at the head of our troops up San Juan hill and made possible the success of American arms on that memorable occasion, that distinguished citizen and eminent statesman, Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican hosts have been led onward through the struggle to proud success.”
    Came across this in a small town’s local paper – apologies to those of you who consider anything from the past as a “dinosaur”.