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Don't Think. . . You're In America

May 2, 2004

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You may think you live in a democracy, but you don’t. In a democracy, the winner of the most votes takes office. But in America, within five minutes, the winner of an election can be changed electronically without anyone knowing.

You may think our one-party Federal Government wants fair elections, but they don’t. The Republican Party – which controls the Presidency, both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court — is against any paper verification of elections which would prevent this electronic fraud from occurring. They know that if the People get to decide who wins, it is quite likely the Republicans will lose, just as the People voted against them in 2000.
You may think that if the majority of the People of a given state choose a candidate for President, that candidate gets the state’s electoral votes according to state law. Not true. The Supreme Court held (in its December 9, 2000 opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia) that you cannot count votes in America according to state law if to do so would “cast a cloud on the legitimacy” of Bush’s claim to have won an election. The Supreme Court emphasized that this precedent does not hold true for Democratic candidates, however. Although the refusal to allow a Supreme Court opinion to be cited as precedent is unprecedented, the Supreme Court stated that its opinion could not be cited as precedent. It “is limited to the present circumstances” where a Republican candidate is losing to a Democratic candidate and by not counting the votes, you can ensure a Republican victory.
You may think that your representatives in Congress reflect the views of the American People. But they don’t. Through the magic of computer gerrymandering – drawing political lines to favor a political party – Republicans have successfully packed Democrats into completely unrepresentative districts to make sure that representation in the House of Representatives will never represent the wishes of the voting population.
You may think that all adult American citizens have a right to vote for representatives in Congress. They don’t. If you live in the District of Columbia, you already know this. But also, if you’re an African-American in Florida, you also know Governor Jeb Bush’s government is committed to removing you from state voting roles as an ex-felon – whether you are an ex-felon or not – and to use the police to intimidate you from voting.
You may think you have the right to protest the President of the United States, but you don’t. That’s only true in a democracy. And our beloved President has insisted the Secret Service arrest as a threat to his security any unarmed person who would dare protest him within his view in a public place.
Thinking is clearly dangerous. Don’t think. The Government will think for you. FOX news channel will think for you. Rush Limbaugh will tell you what to think. Just say ditto. It’s easier not to think.
Clear Channel, with the aid of the Bush FCC, is working hard to buy up all the radio stations in America. So don’t worry. They will never allow any view but the Republican view to be broadcast. Soon, you won’t have to concern yourself with any “alternative views.”
So don’t ask why more than 95% of political talk radio is right-wing.
And don’t read Doonesbury. It’s just a comic strip. And if it tries to talk politics, it will be censored by the same Gannett News Chain that is buying up your local newspapers and quietly firing independent-minded reporters.
Don’t watch Nightline. Showing the deaths of men and women who died for their country is an unpatriotic plot to destroy our beloved President.
Go to sleep
Worry about Kobe Bryant and Scott Peterson and Michael and Janet Jackson.
Don’t worry about the Government.
Don’t try to change it.
Bush tells us God chose him to be President (and God does not have to count votes). That’s why Bush does not have to read the newspapers. That’s why Bush does not need to understand nuances, such as why the world hates us.
That’s why Bush does not need to write his own speeches or understand his own policy or ask questions of his Cabinet.
Tru, Bush can’t stand alone. But as long as he has Dick Cheney by his side to explain to him wha the is supposed to know, we are all better off. And as long as Bush does not deviate from his written talking points, all is well in America.
Don’t worry.
No newspaper will dare publish this.
And you can’t trust what you read on the Internet.
Be happy.
Thinking for yourself is too hard.
You love America
You love our beloved President.
You love Big Brother.
God bless the USA.

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  • Burt Humburg May 9, 2004 11:24 pm

    Don’t forget about the work of Avi Rubin. Swing by

  • Mark Levine May 8, 2004 10:38 am

    Unfortunately, it’s true. There are several articles about it on the Internet. Here’s one from ABC News:

  • Leann Lamb-Vines May 7, 2004 5:57 pm

    Very good!!! Sad. I can’t believe we have allowed ourselves to get here.
    But tell me about the first paragraph. Can you document that voting totals can be (or have been) altered electronically? I have heard something about this before–but thought is was a little paranoid. But, if you have documentation, I would like to know.