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Election Tuesday: The Republican National Convention

August 31, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Analysis of last night’s speeches and the Protests in New York.
An Election Tuesday debate on what Republicans have to offer America with Tom Robins, the Utah State Chair of the National College Republicans.
Featuring “We Got a President So Bad,” a country song by Yikes McGee.
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  • Fred Dawes September 19, 2004 6:00 pm

    To the world court Guy, are you insane? Bush is nuts but not like Saddam
    You can talk about BCCI And all the other bull, but its our non government and its world of PC, TALK.
    We have scandal after scandal with old Bill and all the other guys in the white house in the last 50 years!
    what we really have here in good old never-never land is no ideas, We OUR, not living in a Nation of people but a Empire of fools, its not Bush or Kerry or old bill, its you and me and 300 million other fools.

  • Gordon September 5, 2004 9:13 am

    OK Ben–I’ll tell you when you make some sense–choppers vs. swiftboats were the vehicle of choice for Cambodian missions, good point(that would make this mission very unusual, and documentation be lacking)–pilons can be negotiated and/or negated–CIA stick out like a sore thumb(I could smell CIA as well as gooks)–why would Kerry take his hat? that’s the question–of course I never liked CIA for reasons I won’t get into now

  • ben September 4, 2004 9:25 pm

    Where is your evidence that he didnt like about cambodia??? ITS NOT DOCUMENTED…. here are some facts…
    1, cambodian border=most heavly guarded place on the river hence you would not just take a swiftboat accross the border. They would have and did use choppers for those missions…that is documented
    2, There were pilons across the river just so boats could not cross the border.
    3, if it were a covert mission how does kerry know the guy who gave him the hat was CIA? On a secret mission you normally dont tell the driver of the boat all about what you are doing.
    4, Why would the guy give kerry his hat? that would have been an essential piece of equipment to have in the jungle.

  • ben September 4, 2004 9:20 pm

    I hope you read gordons post mark, the records arent always accurate…
    I am not denying Bush went awol…but you said he was a coke head numerous times…the fact is you brought all this up long before the swiftboat vets came to be…and then you accuse them of smearing Kerry’s name…your entire show is about smearing bush…similar to how limbaughs is smearing kerry and clinton. just because they are funded they are able to get their story out…you are not funded…the only difference is they are being heard…you are not…(not that its your fault)

  • Gordon September 3, 2004 8:38 pm

    Well, since you asked Ben, it was a simple recon-by-fire after our column got some movement in triple canopy–when I came upon the “thing” I thought it looked like “Alice-in-Wonderland’s rabbit, it had caught a round in the head–but the Montagnard scout yelled, “EEEYAKA, EEEYAKA”–so I figured it was something called an Eyaca or Illyaca-but I’ve never found out, one way or the other what it was or what the Montagnard was trying to say–it’s something that I know I saw–but there’s no way, just by myself, that I can prove–a lotta things in the ‘Nam were like that. that’s why I scoff at official reports–they were written by guys in the rear (Even today, I read the death reports of KIA’s I knew–somebody’s wounds who I know took a head-shot are called, “multiple frag wounds.”)–trying to pinpoint Kerry’s exploits through official reports probably also has this type of margin of error.