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Mark Levine Fights Five Right-Wingers on FOX’s Cashin’ In

July 31, 2010

In the above post, excerpts from Cashin’ In (aired Saturday) focus on my contributions as featured guest. It lasts the Youtube-approved 11 minutes long. Watch this if you’re limited on time.

To watch the entire 19 minutes of this Cashin’ In episode where I’m a guest, see parts 1 and 2 below.

Cashin’ In (Part 1)

Subject 1: Should we reduce the deficit by $678 Billion by ending that portion of the Bush-era tax breaks that go primarily to American millionaires?

Cashin’ In (Part 2)

Subject 2: Should States, facing recession-induced deficits, get the Federal aid that the Republicans cut from the stimulus package in February 2009? (Mark’s idea) Or should they fire police officers and teachers and raise taxes instead? (the conservative plan).

Subject 3: A brief discussion of the Arizona decision

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  • Liam October 2, 2010 12:00 pm

    Thanks Mark! You make it very clear for all Americans to see exactly what you Liberal/Socialist/Statist, left-wing nuts really think and just how dangerous your agendas really are. Do us all a favor and round up your fellow moonbats and go find another country to destroy with your phony utopia. Your a pathetic, sniveling, whiny, little dung beetle feeding off the scraps from the Marxist’s elites round table.

  • GPIslander August 28, 2010 11:52 am

    Jan clearly spends alot of time under the desk of Clinton-like liberals. What other reason could there be for labeling this obnoxious jack-ass a “public intellectual” – a term, by the way, which pretty much covers the inflated egos of just about EVERY liberal who ever got anywhere near a tv camera.

  • Jan August 1, 2010 11:54 am

    Accusing someone of socialism or communism seems to function as an ad Hitlerum argument in too much of today’s discussion of politics, just as accusations of being un-American. The accusation itself is un-American in its intolerance of differing opinions, bigotry and blind, unquestioned, ignorant and arrogant “patriotism”. (And that from people who never step their foot outside of the USA, or have very little comprehension of how other countries – Sweden, the Netherlands – Denmark etc, work and prosper).

    Let’s face it. Levine is the closest the US comes to having a public intellectual, who wins debates with his interlocutors hands down with the strenght of argument rather than shouting, reasoning rather than name calling. What is so hypocritical about being affluent or successful and yet realising not all of us have been born with equal access to opportunities that make one successful.

    Wake up America and get the message! And if you disagree, please learn to listen and argue and evaluate arguments. Kudos for Mark for being of Fox so much: a voice of reason, subtle intellect and balanced rhetoric when it is most needed. Keep up the good work!

  • Mike Oberski July 31, 2010 1:13 pm

    Mr. Levine always seems to be wearing a very nice suit, has a professional haircut, good teeth, etc. He also works for Fox, has his own show, etc. I believe he is also an attorney??? Is he also a follower of Saul Alinski, Obama, and the rest of the socialist claptrap that are attempting to ruin this country? Yeah . . .

    If Mr. Levine dislikes tha rich so intensely why does he stay in their employ? Why doesn’t he go out and start his own major media company? He is a hypocrite. He doesn’t see that the “rich” are the foundation of everything that goes on in this country.

    He once commented that if all the laborers in this country (illegally) were to leave, the country would come to its knees. I have another take on that statement–if all the rich were to leave (and take their money with them) this country would cease to exist. It would be taken over by anarchy. Mr. Levine receives his pay check from “rich” people. I doubt that he has ever applied for a position at the home of a “poor” person.

    What the socialists don’t understand, or won’t admit to, is that they can’t seem to figure out how to make their idealistic goals a reality. They keep trying to “make it work” everytime they come into power (or get close), and they never invest their own wealth in their attempts to do so. They always steal the wealth of others to fund their social experiments. It is a pattern repeated over and over again throughout our contry’s history.

    They can never make it work no matter how much cash they throw at it . . . history has shown that everywhere that the attempt has been made. Let’s be real–socialism just doesn’t work! It looks really good on paper (when you are an impressionable adolescent). It strikes a chord in the politics of teenagers who are rebelling against their parents. It makes students “all warm and fuzzy” while they are exploring maturity because it rails against the “establishment” that they perceive is holding them down from being sucessful immediately.

    But what socialism can not answer, ever, is why it doesn’t work!!! It never addresses that issue because it never investigates the “what if it fails” question. Socialism nevers admits that the possibility for failure exists. But it always does because it does not take into consideration the desire of humans to better themselves, to work for the betterment of themselves and their families; to be self reliant.
    It never investigates the desire to be a contributor to society, a provider, an inventor, an inovator, a producer.

    Socialism is about want . . .

    They want to be rich.
    They want to be the boss.
    They want to be more equal; to share in the wealth.

    But the majority of the recipients of the shared wealth don’t “want” to work for it; don’t “want” to risk their life savings on a venture; don’t “want” to invent;
    don’t “want” to inovate; don’t “want” educate themselves. It’s just too hard to do all those things. It’s so much easier to go to the mailbox and see if the “shared wealth” check has been delivered to their door from “Mother Government!”

    Thomas Jefferson made a mistake.

    He should never have said that all men are created equal. Why? Because they are not.

    Some think better than others; some work harder than others; some are willing to take risks that others are fearful of; some seek education and others “drop out”.
    All men are not created equal.

    Socialism wants all to be equal as well: by stealing the wealth of those who think more profoundly, work more intensely, take the incredible risks, and educate themselves.

    Socialism would just give it to those who are opposite of those traits so that they too can enjoy the wealth. That creates a self-perpetuating welfare class that is ever dependent upon those who have the ability to produce and further, creates a class of people who are dependent upon the government’s power to steal from the best producers to provide for the non-producers. The socialists need masses of people to be poor, desperate, needy, fearful, despondent, hungry, and infirm. It keeps them in power. But, history shows that when that great utopian event occurs production actually decreases, goods and services become scarce, poverty increases, dependency on government increases, and society suffers. All the while, those at the top of socialist government become more like those they most opposed—special, wealthy, secure, snobbish, and paranoid.

    Yes, paranoid.

    They know that they are targets of the ever increasing poor and so they then have to exercize their illegitimate power from the barrel of a gun. It has happened over and over, and over again, throughout the world.

    All anyone need do is refer to history to see the experiment of socialism over the planet; how it has failed, at every attempt, to deliver its promise.

    I ask you, Mr. Levine, why do you choose to ignore history? Why do you side with those who would bring down our country? What is it that you will gain from this?

    Stand up for America, Mr. Levine!!

    Stand up and be a man!!

    The socialists can only kill you once . . .

    I often see you laughing during your comments—some would say that your feeble laugh is a sign that you don’t really believe what you are saying—a “tell” to a good poker player. Come out of the socialist closet and join those of us who want to preserve Liberty!!!!