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Extraordinary Rendition

May 11, 2005

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When the USA wants someone tortured but doesn’t want to do it in-house, there’s always out-sourcing. And there’s a plus: it doesn’t matter whether the prisoner is innocent or guilty.
The part of the “War on Terror” the Bush Administration desperately does not want you to know…

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  • I. Robot February 23, 2008 11:20 am

    Animatronic replicons,
    machines made in human form to perform
    intricate manual and mental functions,
    doing mundane deeds
    and repetitive work
    with more cold efficiency
    than flesh and blood,
    Without the guilt
    of tainting souls
    with slavery’s scars,
    But what becomes the relationship
    between creator and created
    when convenience gets corrupted
    into creeping dependence,
    and society comes under
    unspoken robotic rule?
    What delicate strain
    is in place, then,
    to replace spirit-indwelt compassion?
    Garbage in, garbage out,
    a programmed answer
    for every anomaly,
    But within life’s new general order,
    does love still compute?