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The "Party of No"

February 11, 2010

Mark is on the Leslie Marshall show tonight (Thursday) with a prelude to his hosting the show tomorrow (Friday).

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  • Andra Beach February 13, 2010 11:43 am

    Hi Mark,
    I listened last night at 3am. You were wonderful. I also have enjoyed your visits to the World Affairs Conference.
    My response to right-wingers who say we need tort reform is this:
    Why is it that Americans are sue-happy, and people in European countries and Canada and Japan etc etc., are not. Human nature is the same everywhere, but only Americans have this litigious mind-set. Why is that?
    Americans are made desperate by the fact that our future is insecure. We all know we could be ruined by unforseen events. People in other countries have a safety net. They know they wont become homeless because of medical bills, etc. Bringing a lawsuit would never occur to them. It is completely un-necessary. It would be a hassle. We are pitted against each other, we are fearful, in a way they are not.