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June 1, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Florida’s Done It Again!
How Governor Jeb Bush is Manipulating Voter Rolls AGAIN to Make Sure his Brother is Elected President
Very Special Guest: Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections in Leon County, Florida

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  • A boney body June 21, 2005 8:28 am

    Morning Star!
    Not a star at all,
    just a reflection
    of a real fire-ball.
    All is well
    in the pre-dawn sky
    amidst the display
    in the darkness,
    patterns of dots
    connecting to my destiny,
    a meaning so personal,
    and yet, as vast as the panorama,
    light-years in the making,
    for me to see
    and sear into my soul as sustenance
    in an instant.
    Morning prayer,
    a resonance of the universal chant
    moving through me,
    a slower delineation of energy
    than light,
    but still pulsing, building,
    vibrant and resounding,
    even more personal;
    connecting me still
    to the dots in the sky
    Morning drink,
    acknowledgement of being physical,
    of needing the acclimatized
    and the temporal,
    a realization of how delicate
    a creature I am
    within the rhythm of life.