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Four More Years? If you liked Bush/Cheney, you'll LOVE McCain/Palin!

September 1, 2008

John McCain voted only 95% identical to Bush this year and only 90% over his career. So if you mostly like the Bush/Cheney regime but want to tweak 5-10% of it, you’ll like John McCain.
But what if you LOVE Bush/Cheney? What if you think those were the best eight years of American history? What if you think the secrecy, cronyism, censorship, lying to the American People, big spending, big debt, and transfers of wealth from poor to rich were awesome? Then you’ll LOVE Sarah Palin, who is MORE Bush/Cheney than Bush/Cheney!:
Read this letter from a woman who knows her well from Wasilla, AK and can document everything she says.
How is Sarah Palin like Bush Cheney? Let me Count the Ways:

Secrecy, Censorship and Hiding from the Press (McCain’s Campaign Manager said Palin doesn’t have to do press interviews)
Firing Competent People Who May Give her Contrary Advice
Installing Incompetent, Incompetent Brown-Nosing Cronies (they did a “heckuva job”)
Illegally Using Government to Severely Punish Political Opponents
Massive Wasteful Government Spending
Massive Debt, Despite Increasing Taxes and Bringing in Federal Pork
Insisting that Only Her Appointees Can Investigate Her Corruption, not the Legislature
Believing Herself to be an “Agent of God” (calling the pipeline she wants “God’s Will”)
Religious Fundamentalism to be Taught in Public Schools (Creationism, Abstinence-Only)
Anti-Environment; Pro-Big Oil
Just Plain Stupid (attended six colleges, said the “Founders” wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, mispronounces words like “nuclear”)
Sheer Ruthlessness (Actively Opposed her Own Mother-in-Law’s Run for Office)
Of course, Sarah Palin has some extremes that even Bush-Cheney don’t have:
Flirting with Alaskan Secession from the United States
Supporting Nazi-Lover Pat Buchanan for President
Banning Library Books (for Adults)
Hired a “City Administrator” to Run Her Town of 5,000 (because the job was too difficult for her as mayor)
Flying 4000 Miles/9.5 hours while in labor after her water broke so that her child could be born in Alaska (without even informing the airlines)
And, of course, Troopergate
So if liked Dick Cheney, you’ll love Sarah Palin.
Just think of her as the “Beauty Queen Darth Vader,”
Or, as she called herself, a “pit bull with lipstick.”

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