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Freedom Around the World

February 20, 2008


George Bush often talks about promoting freedom around the world, but the mishmash of US policy promotes some dictatorships while attacking others. A look today at US policy in:

– Cuba, with the ending of Fidel Castro’s reign
– Pakistan, with the strong Pakistani vote against Musharraf
– Kosovo, with its declaration of independence
– Africa, where Bush is visiting this week, and
– Gaza, where Hamas is putting in Gaza in their worst misery ever while devoting the Strip’s entire meager resources into a useless, murderous war to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible

Here’s the article I reference on today’s show: Gazans Feeling Recoil of Attacks on Israel
As Armed Groups Continue Rocket Strikes, Palestinians Grow Weary; Farmer Fells an Orchard After Mother Is Killed
. It was the Washington Post, not the New York Times, that printed the article. I regret the error.

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