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Gaza and the Right of Self-Defense

December 30, 2008

Tonight’s show on WPFW I asked listeners to explore the crisis from every point of view:
Does Israel have the right to self-defense?
Does Hamas help the Palestinians when it shoots its rockets at Israeli citizens?
Is there any good option here?

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  • Sean January 20, 2009 4:06 pm

    Thanks for your hate speech and blatant lies about me. You show everyone on this board the true thought process of anyone that would defend the actions of Israel.
    To summarize Eds outstanding arguments:
    – Anyone that criticizes the actions of the state of Israel for human rights abuses is a Jew hater who wants to see religious peoples murdered.
    – Israel can bomb civilians because it claims there are cartoon ‘bad guys’ embedded within them.
    – Hamas (which Israeli Mossad created if anyone was paying attention) is the devil and as such Israel is justified in killing anyone even remotely suspected of being, or even just standing next to Hamas.
    – Anyone that criticizes the action of the state of Israel must then also desire the death of Jewish children.
    – Because Arabs kill Arabs, then it is OK for everyone to kill Arabs
    – There was genocide in darfur, so it is OK for there to be genocide in Gaza; as everyone knows two wrongs make a right

  • Ed from NY January 13, 2009 2:52 pm

    sean thinks the violence is “disproportionate.” he would be MUCH happier if MORE israeli civilians were dead.
    sean wants this girl dead.
    Luckily, this girl has a government that cares about her, that sounds alarm and provides bomb shelters for her and her family.
    Hamas does the opposite. It purposely locates its headquarters and arms depots in and below hospital, schools, and mosques. sometimes it even literally holds Gaza children and uses them as shields as they shoot.
    there is evil and there is beyond evil. Hamas is beyond evil. every palestinian will be better off when hamas is gone. because they have no threat from israel. why are no palestinians dying in the west bank? because no one in the west bank is trying to kill israeli children
    but sean supports hamas. sean wants the girl in the video dead? why? because sean wants to blame the jews for every ill on earth.
    sadly, if israel were left alone and be allowed to finish its job, gaza people would be better off. but sean doesn’t care about gaza people. he just wants to blame the jews. as mark points out, who notices when arabs kill arabs? an arab killed by an arab is invisible to the UN and europeans and people like sean
    even blacks killed by arabs in darfur are invisible and there’s almost a million of those. funny i don’t recall sean decrying the genocide in darfur. and there’s at least 10,000 dead africans for every dead palestinian civilian
    but africans aren’t killed by jews. so why should anyone care?