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GLBT v. Evangelicals: Mutual Fear and Misunderstanding [IS]

February 24, 2013

My guest is Tim Kurek, who was raised in such an ultra-religious family that they “considered Jerry Falwell a liberal.” Tim went underground in the gay community after a friend came out to him. He pretended to be gay and came away with some realizations that surprised him.
I also discuss health care costs and Obamacare based on this highly revealing article in TIME Magazine.
Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction, this show did not record properly. For the first half hour or so, you can hear only Tim and not the questions I asked him. I have removed most of the “empty sound” consisting of when I was talking, so you can only hear Tim for the first 27 minutes.
The last hour and ten minutes of the show — the second file attached — functions perfectly.

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  • Kimberly Erika Schroeder February 24, 2013 2:40 pm

    I am very greatful you noted the fear in the Christian community. I have spoken with a pastor or two who noted this. What is happening in my opinion is There was as you correctly intperatied a tolarence of sorts. It was more of an expectation that Christians will act in a certain way because, after all they are christians. In my opion as thing continue to change there my be a back lash felt by individual Christians who did what the felt was right and were encouraged to do by their church family. The softening attitudes puts these people in an odd position now they might be told they should not have followed Dr. Dobsons advice and ignore their gay kids till they came back to the fold. It may have pained them greatly to follow that advice in the first place.