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The Dallas Massacre: "Good Guys With Guns" Inadvertently Helping a "Bad Guy With a Gun"

July 11, 2016

Watch this video from 7:55 to 9:43.
Wonder how many cops died because these yahoos loved their AR-15s. Why weren’t they “Good Guys with Guns” the NRA brags about? Why didn’t they “take out” the active shooter?

Because they were gun nuts. Not heroes. They loved parading their weapons around. But when shit got serious, they panicked and ran and caused the police to waste time and resources taking care of them.

NO ONE is safer when an untrained civilian carries an AR-15. So-called “Good Guys with Guns” lead to the deaths of MORE innocents than if the Good Guys didn’t have guns.
And if any of these so-called “Good Guys” were shot dead because they were carrying an AR-15 in the midst of an active shooting, who could blame the police for killing them?

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