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Gun Nuts, Donald Trump, and the Up-Coming Race War They Want to Start

May 25, 2016

Why are so many Southern and rural white men building arsenals in their basements?
Why are so many Southern and rural white men so afraid of blacks, gays, women, immigrants, culture, education, and science…and therefore support the Fascism of Donald Trump? Why are they trying to foment a race war? So many of them remind me of the Germans of the 1930’s. Hurting economically, ready to lash out, and blaming everyone but themselves.
Indeed they do cling to their guns and their bibles. I like the Bible (most of it at least), and I respect trained self-defense. I support the military and the police when they act lawfully. But those preparing for the up-coming race war with their arsenal, bunkers, and tinfoil hats are indeed armed and dangerous.
Yes, today’s paranoid gun nuts (still, thank God, a minority of gun owners) are extremely dangerous. They blame Democrats for Trump. They blame Israel for Hitler. They blame gay people for Matthew Shepard. They blame blacks for racism. They blame immigrants for corporate outsourcing. They blame anyone and everyone without ever looking in the mirror. Or realizing that they look and sound ridiculous. Ridiculous and pathetic but still dangerous. A lot like the KKK.
Boy, a heckuva lot of Southern and rural white men sure love bullying, violence, and war. I know. I grew up in Tennessee.
Maybe the better example is not Germany in the 1930’s but the South in the 1860’s.

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  • Mark Levine August 31, 2016 1:35 am

    I’m glad no one you know is preparing for a race war, but if you read the comments of the lunatics below you, you’ll see my concern.
    Pop Alan,
    Before Obama. “we had very little race problems”?
    Umm..check your history books. I think slavery and Jim Crow predated Obama.
    As for “albobodd,” I think we need to report you to the police.

  • Bill May 27, 2016 12:59 pm

    Mark, I know lots of firearm enthusiasts and not one I know collects weapons (guns) in order to prepare for a race war. Nor are they afraid of lgbt people or women or any of that crazy stuff you allude to.
    I think rural people like to be self sufficient and be prepared; prepared for any hunting need or any emergency.

  • albobodd May 26, 2016 11:09 pm

    Why are niggers so afraid of loosing thecwelfare and food stamps? GOING TO JAIL FOR HATE CRIMES? ITS OVER LEECHES.GAYS AND ILLEGAL WETBACKS.WE WILL KILL YOU ALL

  • POP ALAN TATTERSALL May 25, 2016 6:18 pm

    Boy you hit the nail right on the head. One major mistake you, you’really blaming the Republican for everything wrong with this country.
    Well, Mr Levine, it’s the Democratic party that’s at fault on this one. You need to look in the mirror yourself. Isn’t it funny that before Obama we had very little race problems. Now since then we have major race problems. Let’s start with AL Sharpton and his race baiting in Ferguson. Not waiting for the results of an investigation, you had this police officer tried and convicted. Sharpton was calling for riots and the killing of police everywhere. Don’the Sharpton is a far flung liberal.
    Next COMES BLACK LIVES MATTER. This group is nothing but racist and murderers. They have done nothing to advance the black community. BLM is nothing more than a hate group sponsored by our traitor in chief Obama.
    Let’s look at the so called Affordable Care ACT better known as obamacare. This is nothing what Obama said it would be. Cost for this is so high that regular Americans can’t afford it. To date I think the government said that 22 million have signed up for the insurance. Large companies couldn’t afford the mandates so a total of 93 million Americans lost their jobs because of the ACA. Figure that one out.
    Last but not least we have NAFTA (Bill Clinton) and the TTP (Obama). These two trade deals weren’t really trade deals in the sense that they should have been fair. With these 2 deals we have lost manufacturing, jobs, small businesses, more jobs, lost health care, more jobs, bring in foreign workers so that major companies can fire employees for cheaper labor, and more jobs lost. Now I didn’the blame it all on Obama for these trade deals but he has made them worse.
    If you think the Republican party is to blame go ahead and blame them, that’s what Democrats do and have done for decades. Apparently according to you Mark Levine, Democrats can do no wrong. God help you.
    Who was it that voted in the ACA? Democrats. Not one Republican voted for this peice of crap. Who keeps on impowering muslims to continue their acts of defiance to,our laws? Who is it that continues to race bait, start riots and promote the ideal of killing the police and possibly even White Americans? Al Sharpron,BLM, Obama and all Democratic liberals.
    I’m sorry to say this, but the Democratic party has done nothing for the American people over the last 7.5 years. The Republican is in the same boat and this is why come November there well be a whole new set of congressmen and a change in power when this nation elects Donald J Trump.