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Mark Levine on Bill O’Reilly:Guns and Health Care

March 9, 2010

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Mark’s Excerpt (3:40)

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  • Robt March 21, 2010 7:42 pm

    In your opinion are these comments of the Factor viewers typical of the BillO/Beck, FOX viewers in general?

    After reading their comments, it seems they think you are in some sort of conspiracy cahoots with Obama to come and collect their guns. They have been propagandized into believing this.

    Remember when Obama won the election, and so many guns were being sold and every guns owner was making runs on stores for ammo (by far more than making runs on banks for their money). This was because they were being told Obama is coming for their guns and they feared the naked weakness of being a gunlessness person. They see every other American as a potential threat. Why is that?

    You had one fellow comment on the Glenn Beck doctrine of, Progressives are evil and such. They fear an American who identifies him/herself politically with the Democratic party more than Terrorists. Not even sure they can determine the difference?

    You are right about their resorting to personal derogatory language. From what I read above.

    Even the fellow that offered the “debate any time any where” wasn’t honest in his offer. Obviously, he withdrew his debate offer perhaps because he realized his inadequacies because he is used to shouting down people when he discusses “his” 2nd Amendment.

    What is it that mutes their ears or blinds them from reading your words that you have no problem with gun ownership and they cab’t come to agreement with you theat a muderer in prison doesn’t have a right to bear arms?

    I have been told I am “unAmerican, had my patriotism questioned by Bush loyalists, had the shout down, name calling attempted because I had disagreements with the Bush Adm and its actions.
    They had no idea I too serve quite some time in the military and fought in war as well. That no respect would be given by some of these (hero types( that never served themselves) some that served themselves think thet’re service is somehow greater than yours. Why do they think they are the chosen ones that are allowed to pick and choose which are laws and who is American?

    I leave you with this,

    A man named Voltaire once opined,
    ” A true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it “.
    And I would add;
    “In logic, any form of reasoning in which the conclusion, though supported by the premises, does not allow from them necessarily”

  • Robt March 21, 2010 5:24 pm


    How is it that people can come to believe that individual gun rights cannot be restrained and that a right to defend yourself with a gun to defend ones life by killing said persons threat is a Right. Yet a woman that has her life threatened by pregnancy complications (of matters of life and death) has absolutely NO right to defend her life with an abortion?

  • Ron Shema March 6, 2010 6:33 pm


    REF your Bill O appearance and e mail to me.

    YOur 2nd Ammendment position, why ar eyou having a problem, did you not hear the Supreme Ct ruling last year…breaking news…it’s an individual right…get on with life. Although your side almost won the premise that it’s not an individual right with a close 5 to 4 vote. Four progressives (a polite word for socialists hell bent on destroying our constitution by creating law from the bench) voting against the individual right. Thank God for Geo Bush nominating Constitionalist who can read and understand the Founders written words that are very clear. Cancel one of your tv appearances and Read them some time.

    Your written position by e mail to me that you are fine with individual gun rights …I know how you on the left think…you would then put into place 45 hoops to jump through if one desires a gun. And each hoop is monotored by a gvt employee with a fee and each gvt office (hoop) is located in 45 corners spread around the State.

    YOu talk about rights not enshrined in the Constitution…Why don’t you tell Obama and Democrats about just that. How dare this adminstration with your support, mandate that people buy insurance, and if not you will be arrested. The left just loves to violate the constitution granting yourselves powers that are not their. I guess that is what Obama ment when he said that “” the Constitution had too many negative rights”” Ya still like this Socialist in the White House ????

    And, NO politician gave us the right of self defense and freedom..WE WERE BORN WITH THEM.

    To own a firearm is to affairm that you value life.

    If you feel it reprehensible to possess the means necessary to use lethal force against a violent attack, how can you ask another (police) to come to your aid and possibly give up his life to defend yours???

    When I read the framers own words of record on the 2nd Ammendment, (and there are MANY of them on record) confirming that it is an individual right

    Your many statements to Bill O… that many Court rulings confirms that it is not an individual right. How can you with a straight face on TV.

    I know the answer.. when you told Bill O that courts ruled aginst an individual right…yep it was true…it was some local and a few apellat courts with progressive judges hell bent on destroying the 2nd Amendment. So you get to state the truth on that question BUT not the whole truth that those decisions from a few progressive judgea did NOT stand up to the higher court.

    By you trying to push the idea that the 2nd Amendment is not an individual right but in the same breadth saying you are fine with individual gun rights, it’s taking both sides…Ya can’t do that Mark. It’s one or the other when your on national tv. I’d have more respect for you if you just said….I’m a firm beliver that the 2nd Amendment does not grant an individual right, and follow through with …and I don’t think that any individual should own guns. I would not like your position, but I’d have more respect for you having a conviction and not taking both sides like you did in your e mail response to me.


    Ron S