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Hamas Bombs Israel Again! World Yawns & Condemns Israel

February 2, 2009

For a look at how the Israeli-Arab relationship was viewed 50 years ago, click below.
Not much has changed in 50+ years, has it?
Hamas has now broken the truce, murdered an Israeli (Arab) soldier, blown the legs off another, and is presently bombarding the Israeli city of Ashkelon with Iranian-supplied Grad missiles. The world outside the USA is silent about Hamas (as it is whenever Arabs kill Jews or Arabs kill Arabs), but urges Israel in the strongest of terms not to fight back. Somehow it’s fine for Arabs to kill but not fine for Jews to defend themselves?
Perhaps it’s unseemly to try to protect one’s children from death and one’s country from annihilation. President Obama understands. As he put it: “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that. I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

Why doesn’t the rest of the world understand self-defense? Sure, every country in the world does it. And it’s part of international law. But apparently not the Jewish State. Never the Jewish State.
On today’s show, I read large portions of the Hamas charter and expose a lie from the UNRWA officials regarding their initial claim that Israeli missiles hit a UN school and killed people within.
Meanwhile, the Hamas Dictatorship shoots hundreds of Gazans dead in cold-blooded murder, plucks the eyes out of others, and shoots the kneecaps of others for smiling in public. Hamas even brings back crucifixion, that ancient Middle Eastern technique to deal with wayward Jews that some Christians used to think was torture.
But I don’t see any marches about that. Very few condemn Hamas. Gaza had it all, an independent country free from occupation, with world aid and Israeli aid: state-of-the-art greenhouses, an airport, and seaport. It was the best Gaza had ever had it. And then Hamas took over and massacred thousands. And the world complains about…..Israel.
Why don’t those who complain about Israel’s actions (sometimes with legitimate critiques) also complain about Hamas shooting, torturing, crucifying, and killing Gazans?
Because so few in the world give a damn about Palestinian Arabs, including their fellow Arabs. Too many hate Jews for trying to do the same thing Jews have been trying to do for thousand of years: Exist. In Peace. Without fear. Is that too much to ask?
[The audio for this radio show is identical to the Feb. 2, 2009 television show.]

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  • nathan February 11, 2009 7:26 pm

    First they came for Jews…
    It all seems so familiar. Like a fungus. It flairs up – you fight it; it is in remission for a while; and then it comes back. There is no conventional cure – just a temporary relief. And the fungus is spreading; spreading throughout the body – our planet.
    The flair up point is in Israel now. But the body – the humanity – did not have the will to eradicate the fungus while it was localized in a small area – the Middle East.
    Israel is fighting for its survival. It is the first. Europe is next. That next will erase this smirk of moral superiority from its collective face.
    Meanwhile the world is watching as usual, accusing Israel of war crimes. The world is too busy and too preoccupied, and does not have the will to really get into the root of the problem; and the fungus is spreading.
    All of a sudden, it starts to itch in other parts of the body, so the body scratches itself a little and keeps going through its daily routine.
    But then all of a sudden, the body is sick – deep economic crises. The body immune system, its ability to fight the infection, the militant Islam, is weakening, and the disease is spreading even faster, and the body – the world – still does not realize that the fungus is under the skin everywhere.
    Is anything can be done now? I do not know.
    I believe the humanity is on a brink of cataclysmic events. And the fungus – militant Islam- is just one of the symptoms of the underlying problem with our civilization. But more about it another time.
    Do I believe that the human race will survive? Yes.
    But time is lost, and it will get much worse before it will get better. Only after the humanity will come to its senses, and instead of scratching itself will start the real treatment.
    The situation in Israel is just the first symptom of coming events.
    The fungus is spreading.
    This will be an interesting century. And I am not really upset that I will not witness all the fun.
    Why am I writing this letter? Not because I expect to change anything. Unfortunately throughout the history of the human race humans have never been proactive. We usually react when there is no other option left.
    That is why I think the situation will get much worse before it will get better.
    But the danger is spreading.
    I do know why the original design was to put Israel in the middle of the infected area. I do know that the only reason Israel still exist is the Arab’s pathological hatred towards the Jewish state. If in another reality Arabs would live in peace with Israel, they would become the majority within 10 years and Israel would become another Lebanon.
    In my opinion the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can not be resolved without changing the regimes in every state in the Middle East, which means only Arabs can resolve the conflict.
    Arab regimes need this conflict to keep their own population in check, to channel the anger and the frustrations of young and ignorant population away from themselves.
    But let me rephrase the famous quote: First they came for Jews and we did not speak up because we are not Jews.
    Then they came for Christians, but we did not speak up, because we are not Christians.
    Then they came for Hindus, but we did not speak up, because we are not Hindus.
    Then they came for us, the silent Muslim majority, but there was nobody left to speak up.
    Meanwhile Israel is alone, as usual, being blamed for the “massacre” in Gaza.
    What will change the world’s opinion? Maybe when Hamas takes over France? French were very vigilant not to allow Jews to take over. But the French are much more relaxed facing Muslims. Why? Because they are French, I guess..
    Again the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is the world’s problem.
    We have seen it in England, France, Denmark, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Sudan to name a few.
    And what is maddening to me is the world is blaming the messenger – Israel.
    I have said it before, the way the world treats Jews determines the fate of the world.
    Jews are the messengers by design.
    Here is a scenario if the world remains stubbornly in denial.
    In 10 years Muslims will be the largest minority in Europe, and the old snobbish Europe will become young again – Islam will have much more influence. And Europeans, as usual, will try to appease Muslims.
    By the time Europe will be forced to accept the truth it may be too late.
    There will be a real danger of civil war in Europe.
    Regimes in the Middle East will continue to haunt Israel in order to stay in power. With diminishing oil supplies and diminishing revenues, there will be unrest in the region that we have not seen before.
    It sounds like a broken record. Maybe because I said it so many times before.
    There is a real danger of a large scale war in the world if things do not change. The only chance to stop the world’s self destruction is for the world to recognize who the real enemy is. And the change is impossible without the Muslim silent majority. Fat chance!
    A few thoughts about Bush’s legacy.
    After 8 years of reckless, disastrous foreign policy, what do we have?
    A much stronger Iran that has now a new best friend – Iraq. Iran’s proxy Hezbollah rules former Christian Lebanon. Another Proxy – Hamas – is in charge of Gaza and holds popular majority in the West Bank.
    The oil prices that skyrocketed because of the uncertainty in the region gave new wealth to our enemy and ruined our economy.
    America lost its leadership in the world, and is in danger to loose the superpower status.
    And as a result of all of this, US diminished its capacity to fight terrorism around the world.
    I think the main crime of the Bush Administration is that its policies helped to advance the cause of all terrorist organization – from Al Qaeda to Hezbollah and Hamas.
    My fear is that the economic crisis will cause the rise of anti-Semitism in our country and around the world.
    First they come for Jews.
    Who is next?
    Full of optimism, as always

  • Mark February 6, 2009 8:28 pm

    Dear “Eric”,
    I’m glad you find it “historical” that the news media did not win the election for Obama. I agree. It was Bush and Republican policies that won it for him. Their incredible mismanagement ensured an Obama landslide.
    Although at first I thought you might have meant “hysterical” rather than “historical” I know you couldn’t have misspoken, since, by your own accounting, you “have more intelligence in [your] finger than [I] have in [my] entire pea size brain.”
    Therefore you must have known exactly what you were talking about.
    I also can tell you’ve never heard my show and that you’re not a Democrat. Nice try, though. Thanks for coming. Perhaps if you’ll call into my show and rant there, you’ll be surprised at my “listening.”
    But I know you won’t do that. Because you’re a typical ignorant conservative. Therefore you believe in shouting a lot and then skidallying before rational thought comes at you. To folks like you, “rational thought” is more frightening than garlic to a vampire.
    But hey, if you don’t run away nad actually do manage to stay because you’re not afraid of rational thought, next time you post on my blog, try at least to post it in the correct column.
    You would think someone with a larger than pea size brain could figure that out.

  • Eric February 6, 2009 8:06 pm

    Well…I just heard you on cspan, I find it historical that you don’t believe the news media won the election for Obama, his race was a contributing factor as well…I am a democrat, and I think you are idiotic that you cannot admit a simple fact. I have more intelligence in my finger than you have in your entire pea sized brain. Your doing this country a great deal of injustice, you claim that you listen on your show, I have heard your so called listening. I have a suggestion get your self a nice dictionary and look up the definition for listening. Better yet, grab a communication course book and look up what effective listening is and I think you will realize you are the exact same as everyone else and you need to get off your high horse and simply shut up. please get off the air and stop infecting your our youth. I am slowly becoming a conservative because the people like you in the democratic party.