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Hannity Urges Justice Department to Break the Law [Hannity]

January 14, 2014

Sean Hannity argues that Democratic career attorneys in the Justice Department should not be hired to investigate the IRS. (Republicans are apparently OK, though.)  Unfortunately for Hannity, if Democrats were singled out like that as he suggests, it WOULD be a violation of Federal Law which prohibits assigning career attorneys based on their political party.  Even lawyers have a First Amendment right to express their views. (It’s not just Scalia!)

The clip of my appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show, where I was supposed to debate tea-party attorney Jay Sekulow, but where he and Hannity interrupted me, shouted me down (and finally cut off my mike at the end) will no doubt frustrate you.


But it will show you the lengths the Right will go to, to keep their listeners from hearing the truth.  Note that Hannity and Sekulow are allowed to go on at length while I’m lucky if I can say five words uninterrupted.  The personal insults and ad hominem attacks Hannity lavishes at me prove what such attacks always prove, that those who use them cannot respond to a logical argument.  (Hannity calling ME a political hack?  Hello Pot?  Meet Kettle.)


Hannity didn’t want to hear that the IRS investigated BOTH left-leaning and right-leaning political groups as they are required by law [Section 501(c)(4)] to do to prevent political groups from getting tax-exempt status.   Given the dramatic increase in secret billions snuck tax-free from anonymous sources through these supposed “social welfare” organizations directly into Republican candidates’ coffers due to the Supreme Court allowing and encouraging secret money to legally buy politicians (Citizens United), the IRS was slow to do these investigations but eventually did the job they were required by law to do.  The targeting was ordered by a self-described “conservative Republican” in Cincinnati who insisted he did so without White House guidance and for non-political reasons.  See testimony released by Elijah Cummings. Unfortunately for progressives, they disqualified Left-leaning organizations more often than Right-leaning ones.  (Bet you didn’t hear that on FOX News…)


Hannity insists the IRS only went after conservatives. Sekulow demands I name a progressive group they denied tax-exempt status too. I promptly did:  Emerge America, an organization designed to elect Democratic Women which, unlike the tea party groups (!) was deemed to be too political to be “exclusively a social welfare organization” under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2011.  That may well be.  But if you tell me the tea party is exclusively a non-political social welfare organization, and you do so without laughing, then you probably also think Obama was born in Kenya and there’s no hope for you.  I don’t even know anyone in the tea party who would tell you their goals are not political.

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