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Happy Memorial Day!

May 30, 2005

In observance of the Federal holiday, there was no INSIDE SCOOP today.
To all those in the military who fought in any of our nation’s wars or preserve the peace at home or abroad, we salute your bravery and your courage. Whether the wars you fought in were just or unjust, we value your service. In the future, may we have fewer wars.
May we also one day have a Commander in Chief and military officers who recognize that the greatness of America is that we can be humane even in wartime. May we once again be saluted as a “light unto the nations,” rather than seen as a force for oppression.
And may our men and women in Iraq return home as soon as possible. Too many have already died and been wounded and too many civilians have been killed for a war that the President still cannot provide a coherent reason to justify. There are some alive today that will be dead by next Memorial Day because of the failures of our civilian leadership. Bring them home now!

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  • madfuq May 31, 2005 5:02 pm

    Don’t know why anyone would take my post above as a personal attack unless you are one of those that sent our youth to war personally?
    Many of us have family that is either serving now or have served in wars in the past. Until the last two police actions (not declared wars) I have had family members serving since the revolution of this country and many members that made the military their career. When I look at the history of our police actions most do not solve problems and some end in We are not the only country that has made these kind of mistakes as one only has to look at the British history and the French history and we are now in the same area in Iraq that they once were and they didn’t solve the problems there either. I truly hope that this plays out good not only for us but for the Iraqi’s as they are living in the nightmare!