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Hard Choices

May 6, 2004

(archived broadcast )
What will Americans sacrifice for their country?
What should we sacrifice?
Debate with Alison Aikele, College National Republican Committee

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  • Igor Smith June 16, 2005 12:07 pm

    The Jewel is in the Lotus
    Greetings from the yellow, spinning sunflower
    shining golden luminescence
    shot forth
    from its opening green lotus center;
    all is well!
    Listen to the message of love
    and respond to no other.
    Know you cannot hurt
    or be hurt,
    as you develop gratitude,
    appreciation, and sharing.
    The call is not for martyrs,
    but for teachers
    to expose the fallacy
    of all forms of separation.
    Think as God thinks,
    expand that feeling;
    and you will believe it.
    Open your heart
    and receive your daily comfort;
    be lifted from weak to strong,
    lack to abundance,
    pain to peace,
    fear to Love.

  • Nguyen Smith June 15, 2005 8:28 am

    What price the intangible
    full moon as it shines in the clear, star-filled midnight sky,
    the smell of burning leaves
    within a warm autumn breeze,
    or the scent of your lover
    after the heat of passion’s play?
    Pennies for thoughts, dollars for sacrifices,
    salvation has no cost;
    can only be freely given,
    never taken away.
    Gazing into her face is redemption enough,
    deserving a debit
    one can never repay.
    Reminded from dawn to dusk
    of the pursuit of love and light,
    to dedicate each day.

  • Drawing to an inside-straight June 14, 2005 8:36 am

    Is sleep a sanctuary
    from the pain of desire,
    searching for satisfaction,
    lying about why happiness eludes you?
    Can you look away,
    abandon emotion recklessly,
    playing it safe stoically,
    losing your image in a mirror
    with no reflection?
    Is emptiness a cure
    for the psyche’s clutter
    so deeply disarrayed
    that priorities have no apparent order
    and love is hidden
    within a rubbled-scatter?
    Renew by slipping from the material
    for a while,
    to the real you.