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Haunted by the Bush Administration

May 18, 2009

The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past. — William Faulkner
Is it time to get past the Bush Administration? The controversies over torture pictures, Pelosi’s knowledge, Cheney’s defenses, and new pictures from the briefings sent to Rumsfeld suggest otherwise.
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  • Robt May 22, 2009 3:34 am

    Let me begin by saying this is not a political biased assessment of former VP Cheney.
    Most of his post Adm appearances have been furious justifications in his own opinion. extremely critical of the sitting President. Highly obsessed with sincere deep fear that seems to have consumed him. Far beyond paranoia. He (Cheney) is the only authority and rightful truth.
    It is like a psychotic machiavellian authoritarian A moral Schizophrenic with a horrible fear he will be held accountable for his abuses of office. He is unhinged with the fact of a newly elected president governing with different policies than the Former VP’s or the former President cheney served is somehowunholy and ignorant.
    Cheney campaigns against a president that has two wars in progress. Which Cheney wrapped in the flag dehumanized with the White House megaphone. Cheney who could not speak much during his tenure no finds himself uncapable of taking a breath between verbal attacks of a sitting president. Where is Cheney’s patriotism and supporting America’s leader.
    Mostly it seems Cheney is more concerned about his legacy and legal troubled future. He espouses many unsubstanciated claims. “I tortured Iraqi’s to find out about Al Qaida” or ” we spent months torturing individuals and demanding answers to questions we had no idea what they knew”. “Torturing for months individuals” during a ticking time bomb? Justifying torture worked and demanding Obama release certain pages of certain reports that arre Top Secret. Cheney himself who found time to out a undercover CIA agaent could not leak these documents before he left office, if they would in fact have showed some sort of twisted good from all his midevil dungeon adventures?
    Most of all, Why will not Cheney appear in front of Sen Pat Lehey’s committee for questions under oath and in front of Americans on CSPAN?
    John Conyers would be accomedating the oath and confession of Cheney if Cheney so desired?
    Under oath and in public is of course not in Cheney’s legacy restoration campaign.
    Seriously, Should someone get Cheney psyciatric help. Cheney does recieve as part of his health care on the socialistic Gov’t that provides for mental illness, I am sure.
    I really believe Cheney is mentally ill.
    Think bake at his response when asked that WMD and Al Qaida unfounded. How does he reconcile with families of dead military from Iraq? He responded, “SO”!
    Does that sound rationale at all ? It is apparent Bush was waving those college pom poms as president while Cheney attempted to control and run things. I’m sure Cheney was telling Bush the economy is strong all the way to the day it collapsed.
    Cheney’s obsession was noted when he was tasked to find Bush a VP running mate and Cheney went out and looked into the mirror and found what he set out looking for.
    Still, Cheney may be scaring some Americans into accepting his tortured logic. But to look upon Cheney as some sort of strong defender you only have to look up the former VP’s 5 deferments.
    This should explain his fear after 9/11 when he was asleep at the wheel as Bush was sent on vacation.
    Cheney is wrapped in fear, Not the Flag.

  • Johnny Democracy May 21, 2009 8:28 am

    Dick Cheney represents a metaphysical flaw that America utilized in its fear and feelings of vengeful reprisal–these malignant feelings are still alive and well as long as Cheney’s way sustains political and social legitimacy
    haven’t we learned-yet-what we have to do with malignancies–heavy radiation treatment, Doctor
    If America is about truth and justice–it’s time to put up–or shut up–it’s time to put Cheney’s way–on trial–or America remains convicted in its confliction
    for the ends are truly inherent of their means–and the torturers will be tortured in group karmic fashion