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Head v. Heart

January 19, 2010

In the eight years since he lost the Election of 2000 — and was installed as President anyway by a lawless Supreme Court — Bush managed to wreck America big time:  from two badly-fought wars, to the worst deficit in American history, to the worst Depression since the Great one.

And now that Obama can’t undo all of Bush’s catastrophic errors in 12 months, particularly with a Republican Party determined to make America fail, some voters are turning against him.

Is anyone surprised?  Demagoguery works.  It never hurts to play to voter’s emotions over their intelligence.  Sadly, populist anger without solutions works.  Nihilism works.  And it’s a heckuva lot easier to tear a country apart than to build one up.  Just ask Al Qaeda.

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  • Robt January 20, 2010 4:47 am

    Yes tearing down is easier than building. Granted.

    Yet when the propaganda media in this country has reached to the point of telling the confused and uninformed. The angry unemployed and those that face bankfuptcy from our health care system as well as losing their home. While the Wall Street bankers are bailed out and main street are told to hold on because their situation will come around eventually.

    As the bailed out wall street lavishes themselves in business as usual with absolutely NO conscience for their collapse and economic hardships they caused.

    Wall Street has made it clearthe President and Democratic congress appear uncapable of governing the security of the nations economic security.

    Sure Bernie Madoff was convicted and found guilty. Where are the Wall Street investigations? Wher are the heads rolling? Off with their heads. There is an anger among progressives that is not being acted out like Tea Baggers.

    Why does Max Baucus have all year to drag out his finance committee on health care? Why did they break for all of the congressional town hall rages? Why didn’t the majority force it worked on striaght through? How did republicans ram through medicare part D? Where was the outrage of over reaching Gov’t? Ramming it down our throats.

    Although the House of representatives have a pretty good record and Speaker Pelosi, as a woman speaker made great historic stides as Speaker. The Senate has shown itself to be dysfunctional almost in every way.

    From the beginning of the Democratic majority, the strong willingness and expedience to allow many Bush Adm Constitutional illegal accustions and not investigating the crimes because the republicans whined.

    This “move on forgiveness of expedience in regards to the Bush Adm”, leaves voters to either believe Dems lied about the Bush Adm for political gain, Dems are to timid to stand up and confront or they consigned that they are all above the law they we must abide.

    Democrats are not countering republican media. As the old saying goes a lie travel around the world as the truth is just getting its running shoes on.

    If you haven’t noticed the rewriting of history in which Rudi Gulianni is all over the media with others repeating as well that Bush kept us safe and had no domestic attacks. No 9/11, no anthrax attacks etc etc. Recently we hear how Bush handled katrina very well.
    The hard core partisanship using anger to get out the republican vote is tremendous.

    Does the Democratic Party need Howard Dean back? They never seemed to consider his advice on health care. Look, Obama tried to appoint Dashele to HHS? The President leaves too many Bush appointees in place. The more Obama reaches across the aisle the more vitriol and partisan republicans attack.

    We all watch the continued jobs sent off over seas. There is NO reassuring Americans that illegal immigration is being addressed.

    From what I read there is no really helpful assistance to those in danger of losing their homes. We bail out the mortgage holders that lost their pants but ignore those in trouble (not only of their own making. Which brings down the housing of all around.

    Damn, the Senate could not even bring itself to pass a stimulas that insisted the money buy American steel or concrete when building. Wall street is investing tax payer bailout money over seas. We bail out banks of other countries.

    There was little fanfare over the tax havens in the Cayman Isle etc were shot down.

    They should of set a date to shut them down, shut them down with penalty after that date,( ok you have more time). Give a patriotic speech of crimialality and burden this hiding money causes Americans. Name names and kick hard.

    We know republicans will not regulate Wall Street and they can get away with it until the next economic colapse anyways.

    With the republicans continual “NO”. Democrats allow them way to much influence. Democrats in the Senate seem more concerned in REACTING to republicans than those that voted them in to legislate in their change behalf. If they start olaying the safe game as lame ducks they will loose.

    The President’s mantra of “Change” needs to be defined and agendized by priority as if their wasn;t one. But try to make it the peoples priority not Washingtons.

    Why is so little Stimulas money out there creating jobs?

    After a year we continue to deal with Bush business conservatives tht sit in the NLRB.

    After the Lilly Ledbetter Act was passed, where is the case of the woman this presently effected?

    Would it kill the Dems if they proposed a war tax to fight terrorism? Paying down the war on terrorism debt.

    I hear nor see any addressing of War Profiteering, Zilch!

    Most of all the insistance of Democratic to not be able to stay on the same page feeds the opposition beast. Taking the Abortion portion of the health care bill. My own Senator was given time and a proposal to bring back and get input from the states Catholic bishops approval. Not his voters, the church.

    Some of the sausage making needs to be in house.

    Dems need a few more Alan Graysons because too many republicans have such loud mouths that sound like Limbaugh and need to be confronted and called out.

    Look, Republicans were soo good at scaring people into Iraq had WMD and Al Qaeda is in your backyard and are stealing your illegal mexican nanny. They are scaring the begezus out people and angering the rest. Sure many don’t know who to actually hold accountable because the Democratic majorrity held NOONE, NO ONE accountable. Americans need some strong evidense tht the laws and accountability are not only for the middle class and poor.

    There is much more.

    Dems lax already? Like Coakly in Mass going on vacation during her campaign for the Senate? Taking something for granted or just not listening?