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Inside Scoop on Hobby Lobby; History of Mid-East Trouble [Inside Scoop]

July 2, 2014

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  • Lady from Chicago July 4, 2014 12:11 am

    Cop from Wisconsin. I said I would continue to bring my dry cleaning to to the cleaner who did a good job cleaning my clothes if I witnessed them hitting their child when I picked up my clothes. I have to say , as a retired cop , you should make better observations of who said what. I do not live in Wisconsin. I do have that luxury here. I could stand by and ignore a robbery. most folks are not me. Most folks also do not want to be retaliated against here in Chicago because our cops here will not protect us from retaliation. I am not required to report abuse. I am a mandated reporter if I am a doctor or a cop etc. Not in my personal life. Not getting involved is very much allowed here in Chicago. And safer for us civilians who don’t live in Wisconsin.
    As a victim of abuse as a child who reported it directly to the police I know exactly what happens. Do you? I also worked as a mandated reporter for 9 years in various long term care facilities. I reported abuse. Reported abuse goes “unfounded” so many times surely you must be aware of how these things work as you have worked as a cop.

  • C. Still July 2, 2014 11:09 pm

    Lady from Chicago who would ‘mind her own business’ if she saw someone being abused? I have to say, as a retired cop, she could be prosecuted for ‘failure to aid a citizen’, especially if the victim is a child. You wouldn’t have that luxury, at least not in Wisconsin, in many cases. Could you stand by and ignore a robbery? Hell no, most folks are dying to tell a cop what they saw. A parent pummeling a kid who is pitching a fit in the supermarket? You are required to report abuse! So the D.A. drops the eventual charges; at least you got the abuser into the system. Not Getting Involved is actually not allowed