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Inauguration Day

January 20, 2009

Our eight-year reign of error, incompetence, and malice is over.
No tears shed today for Bush or wheelchair-bound Cheney.
Congratulations to President Obama.
Our hopes and dreams are on your shoulders.
But have we put too much weight on the shoulders of a strong, capable, sensitive, but ultimately imperfect human being?
Will the Obama Era, which begins today with such promise, lead to an inevitable let-down when we realize that he cannot be all things to all Americans?
I’m tempted to ignore my fears for the future today as I attend the Inauguration of President Obama. Ah, the powerful Audacity of Hope….

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  • Johnny Democracy January 28, 2009 6:15 pm

    Well Sean, the balance of power says Obama is president–you can at least give him that respect as given by the constitution–or is your love as fickle as your words–as for naivete–look to the intent of conspiracy–conspiracy,per se, is not evil–and Hitler had a certain merit of efficiency in bringing Germany out of an extreme economic depression–to weed out the truly ignorant from the sage–there are certain traits that should be considered
    Living the Mystery (verse one)
    The dragon is a changing enigma
    whose heart dances within the continuum
    of desire transforming into effortless allowing,
    as realization of the flowering Tao grows,
    From observing physical evidence
    in natural manifestations,
    to living in now’s mystery,
    and letting It flow through consciousness
    In between nothing and everything
    the dragon moves
    with unfolding joy,
    unattached to labels and definition,
    basking in the magnificence
    of what is sensed,
    Permitting the paradox
    of being in material form,
    while considering the nameless,
    thus opening the doorway
    to all understanding,
    Leading the dragon
    to surmount the wind and clouds
    and find its way
    to heaven

  • Sean January 28, 2009 1:41 pm

    I actually think anyone that thinks they have the right to rule over others is most likely a psychopath, and that government needs checks and balances just for that reason.
    I like a government, and a politician, that is constantly having their power checked by both transparency and by the system. That is why I love our constitution, and why I love the American system of government. I don’t care about democracy; I care about balance of power.
    And; I see no reason to give BHO a single benefit of any doubt. He has chosen to keep his past a total secret, and he has stacked his cabinet with crazy extremists. He has proposed programs identical to those proposed by Hitler in regards to the civilian army of people that would serve the state.
    He deserves no consideration. Until he actually reverses the disastrous decisions Bush made, and puts some of those people in prison – I see him as nothing but an extension of the Bush direction.

    As for “conspiracy”….
    You would have to have the naiveté of a small child to not understand that conspiracy is a very real thing. Those with power conspire to keep that power. Those that seek power conspire to gain it. Groups plan, plot, toil, and yes conspire in order to reach mutually beneficial goals. They always have and they always will.
    Wars are almost always started as a result of conspiratorial planning. Shifts in power come as a result of grand conspiracies. Monopolies come the same way, and are maintained the same way.
    Knowledge is not destructive to the soul. I think ignorance, and more willful ignorance, is destructive to the soul. Knowing that those at the top got there and stay there as a result of conspiracies is simply having knowledge of reality.
    Woe is the ignorant man that should think that the ultra rich and the powerful gained their positions as a result of coincidence. Coincidence is not real. It is a fictional mechanism to account for the misunderstood. When someone has ignorance of a think, he may say well it is only coincidence. It is a word that means, “I don’t understand the relationship, it just sort of is like that”.

  • Johnny Democracy January 28, 2009 9:35 am

    Between the Cracks
    Seeking simplicity
    while sinking within shifting conundrum
    of life’s dreaded complifuckingcations,
    yesteryear’s dangling desires
    still heated by passion’s fires,
    spinning ever spinning
    along lazy oblong wheels
    of suffering,
    descending through dense dimension,
    truth stranger than fiction
    hitching a ride on haunted heartstrings
    to other lifetimes,
    that must have some meaning
    more than this twilight zone
    looming dead ahead,
    remembering I just forgot
    to register for the sea-cruise seminar,
    where the hell
    is that rhetorical questionnaire,
    when you really need it,
    as I wonder
    if a wildebeest
    is just a weight-conscious buffalo
    in need of stress-management counseling,
    then realizing
    that metaphorical psychological animal,
    is me,
    ha, ha, ha,
    a rubber-roomed form of misery
    will never take me alive,
    before I take a dive
    into love’s creative energy,
    for eternity.

  • Johnny Democracy January 28, 2009 9:04 am

    Sean–I dunno about hurt, my poetry reflects my condition and that always give me a hard-on–but how long can you lick your wounds with your vile spit–now–that’s gotta sting
    proof’s in the puddin’ about Obama–but democracy will deal with it ex post facto and not in your premature banal ejaculations