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Ban the Box

November 19, 2015

In the first half hour, I discuss the background on a new initiative by President Obama by way of executive action that could ‘ban the box’ on applications for new jobs around the country. This would make it easier for individuals with low-level offenses (drug charges, misdemeanors, and other nonserious infractions) to gain employment upon leaving jail. Many times people are unfairly treated by employers when they see that individuals have been convicted of a crime in their past. Between 70 million and 100 million Americans—or as many as one in three—have a criminal record.
In the second half of the hour I’m joined by Todd Cox, a Senior Fellow at American Progress, where his work focuses on a range of issues concerning criminal justice reform. He and I go on to discuss how we can eliminate barriers for those with criminal records and ultimately gain economic security.

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  • Robert February 12, 2016 7:06 pm

    Hey Carla! I have not been ignoring you. I haven’t been on much laelty, as I haven’t been feeling very well. Just so you know, I have always followed that case as well and there has been a bit of news on it, as well as the 2nd year anniversary. I am planning to post on it. I have information saved for a post, also I haven’t forgotten Sierra.I have always felt they focused too hard on making Terri talk and not hard enough on actual investigation. Too hard on fruitless stings and not hard enough on following the trail. I honestly believe that had they followed every lead in the beginning, rather than focusing on breaking Terri, they might have found more than they did. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe Terri is involved and knows enough that if she talked it would only serve to cause her trouble. When it took a groundskeeper 3 months to come forward to the media, that was there that day and LE didn’t know anything about him until that point, that was a bad indicator. Another bad indicator was another girl that had been missing for many years and her remains were found on another school’s grounds, in that same county. How did anyone not notice a dead body on a school property? There are so many other things that made me think they were overwhelmed with tunnel vision. I have always asked the question Did Casey talk? How many perps actually do? Did Misty talk? Sure they (Casey and Misty) did a lot of talking, but the truth never came out of their lips.I hope I’m wrong and Sheriff Staton’s shocker will soon be revealed, for Kyron’s sake.