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Should Judges Be Elected? Should Children Be Allowed to Go Outside and Play? [ISLM]

April 15, 2015
Where do judges have an incentive to be racist and homophobic? In Alabama. Where they’re elected.  Listen as Billy Corriher and I explain why this is the case.  Billy is the Director of Research for Legal Progress at American Progress, where his work focuses on state courts and the influence of political contributions on judges.

In hour 2 I’m joined by good friend Leslie Marshall as we discuss whether parents should be allowed to let their children play outside alone.  Our disagreement on the issue led to an impassioned debate that callers got in on as well.  The conversation was spurred by the story of a Maryland couple and their 10 and 6 year old children. For a second time, the kids were taken into custody by Police and CPS after the parents let their children take a walk by themselves.  Here is a link to the full story:

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