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Invest Now: We’re Coming Out of Recession

September 14, 2010

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  • Mark October 26, 2010 9:05 am

    I would say it’s typical of you conservatives to take some horrible thing that corporations do and blame it on the only thing — the Government — struggling against a Republican wave, financed by these multinational corporations, to take every last dime out of your pocket.

    Don’t you get it? Barack Obama is the only thing standing between you and the rapacious corporations. You want to move the policeman and let the bulldozer through!

    Guess what? The health care bill REQUIRES large employees to cover their employees. So Boeing CAN’T cancel its insurance for 90,000 employees. It can only raise premiums (which go up because REPUBLICANS stopped the “public option” which would have allowed the consumer to choose a Government-run option, which would have kept prices down to HALF of what they are now, as it does in the other 30-odd Western nations that have Government-run health care).

    One other thing of note — and this is important. Boeing will NOT increase its unionized employees health care costs one penny. Because unions have the power to fight back. What does this tell you?

    1) It’s the corporations’ fault. If they had to raise prices because of health care, they would do it for everyone.

    And 2) Stop hating unions. They, like the President, are the only thing left protecting you before CEOs rape you of every last cent you own before they ship your job overseas to Chinese children whom they can pay 10 cents a day (and get a Republican-supported tax break for doing so!!!)

    Great idea. Vote for the same Republicans that OPPOSE a public option to keep health-care costs down, the same Republicans that SUPPORT allowing corporations to drop all employees from health care, the same Republicans that want to make it virtually impossible for unions to form, and the same Republicans that support job-killing measures like tax incentives to take job overseas.

    Those are the facts, good sir. And liberals and President Obama and Democrats and unions are the only thing standing between you and Boeing-induced poverty. But you’ll vote for the poverty anyway, right? That’s why Republicans call you a “useful idiot.” And Sarah Palin and the other Republicans are laughing — with your stuff! — all the way to the bank.

    See ya at the soup kitchen! (Until Republicans close that too.)

  • Clyde S October 25, 2010 9:03 pm

    Boeing tells 90,000 employees that they will no longer be insured! 3M tells 20,000 that they can go to the open market for Health Ins! BO promised that if we liked our ins. we could keep it! Another BO LIE! Typical of you LIB’s! We the people don’t like BOCARE because we don’t know what’s in it? Nancy P, Harry R, YOU & BO are scared to death that we’ll find out what’s in it! Why do think that they arranged to screw us over after 2013? Univ. Education turned you from stupid to total idiot It was an easy transition! Other wise you wouldn’t have worked for Barney F! Better to be thought an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt!
    Mr S.